Professional Development

Keep an eye out for PD Posters and the Stars!

Each time you see a star, it notifies you of a PD opportunity!

Wondering where you can see these stars and find this valuable information?!?

Check out

Well, because...

  • You gain valuable, relevant, important and useful knowledge on a variety of subjects
  • You receive a certificate of participation for your teaching portfolio. These certificates can also be used for your PGP!
  • Many PDs provide resources that you can use in the classroom - whether you are in your student teaching placement, internship or career
  • They cost as little as $4 (depending on the PD) - which is incredible considering the usual cost for presentations and conferences"

Please stop by the ESS Office (Room 1009) to sign up for PD events.

*Take note that your spot will not be reserved until you sign up and pay for the PD event!*

Looking for funding to attend Professional Development Events?

WestCAST Funding

WestCAST is a conference, held annually in one of the four western provinces, that attracts a diverse audience of teacher educators, university instructors, administrators and student teachers. 

For more information, check out the WestCAST 2015 held at the University of Saskatchewan

For information on the WestCAST 2017 conference, check out the website