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Glen AikenheadGlen Aikenhead
Emeritus Professor, Curriculum Studies

cross-cultural science education

Yvette ArcandYvette Arcand
Associate Director, Indian Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

Heather BaergenHeather Baergen
Seconded Teacher

Jeff BakerJeff Baker
Chair in Aboriginal Education

Geraldine BalzerGeraldine Balzer
Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

English Language Arts; Service Learning; Postcolonial; Decolonization

Marie BattisteMarie Battiste
Professor, Educational Foundations

Indigenous/Aboriginal learning; balancing knowledges; social justice

Bev BrennaBev Brenna
Acting Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies, Research & Partnerships

Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies

literacy; children's and young adult literature; exceptionalities

Barry BrownBarry Brown
Emeritus Professor, Curriculum Studies

Shelley BueckertShelley Bueckert
Academic Services Specialist

David BurgessDavid Burgess
Department Head & Graduate Chair, Educational Administration

Associate Professor

administration; organization; law; research; China

Craig CampbellCraig Campbell
Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations

adult education; lifelong learning; place- and community-based; cross-cultural studies; folk schools

Egan J ChernoffEgan J Chernoff
Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies

mathematics education; probability; heuristics; biases; fallacies; popularization; social media; the math wars

Tim ClaypoolTim Claypool
Department Head Educational Psychology & Special Education

Associate Professor

psycho-educational assessment; evidence-based interventions; Aboriginal Education

Don CochraneDon Cochrane
Emeritus Professor, Educational Foundations

Coordinator Breaking the Silence Conference

ethics and education; education, wisdom and nature; GLBTS issues in education

Michael CottrellMichael Cottrell
Associate Professor, Educational Administration

Norm DrayNorm Dray
Associate Director, SELU

Shannon ElliottShannon Elliott
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Patti GilliesPatti Gillies
Graduate Studies Support Team

Laurie HellstenLaurie Hellsten
Associate Dean Graduate Studies

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology & Special Education

survey methodology; instrument development and validation; beginning teachers; cyberbullying; physical activity

Katrina HutchenceKatrina Hutchence
Graduate Studies Support Team

Karla Jessen WilliamsonKarla Jessen Williamson
Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations

Aboriginal Peoples; knowledge; paradigm shift; gender and construction

Brenda KalynBrenda Kalyn
Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

experiences of teachers and students; impact of experience; culture and curriculum

Brenda KellyBrenda Kelly
Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

Debra Kemp-KooDebra Kemp-Koo
Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Education

Connie KocsisConnie Kocsis
Support Staff Dean's Office

Marguerite KooleMarguerite Koole
Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

Educational Technology & Design (ETAD)

digital identity, privacy & security in online learning contexts; mobile, electronic, blended and supported collaborative learning; learning design in educational technology

Margaret KovachMargaret Kovach
Associate Professor, Educational Administration & Educational Foundations

Aboriginal education; Adult education; educational methodologies

Rita LaplanteRita Laplante
Administrative Assistant, Indian Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

Cecile LaprairieCecile Laprairie
SELU Support Staff

Kayla LarsonKayla Larson
Support Staff Curriculum Studies & Educational Psychology and Special Education

Lynn LemiskoLynn Lemisko
Associate Professor, Educational Foundations

co-inquiring; partnerships; foundations; diversity; citizenship

Che Kan  (CK) LeongChe Kan (CK) Leong
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Educational Psychology & Special Education

component processes of reading, developmental dyslexia (English and Chinese)

Pei-Ying LinPei-Ying Lin
Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Education

inclusive education; English language; learners qualitative research

Gail MacKayGail MacKay
Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

Stephanie MartinStephanie Martin
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology & Special Education

girls and women; mental health and wellness; qualitative research; violence/abuse; training/supervision; ethics

Laureen McIntryeLaureen McIntrye
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology & Special Education

early intervention; language and literacy; inclusive education; diverse learners; professional identity and mentorship

Marcia McKenzieMarcia McKenzie
Associate Professor, Educational Foundations

Director, Sustainability Education Research Institute (SERI)

Project Director, Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN)

environment; sustainability; youth; educational policy

Janet McVittieJanet McVittie
Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations

assessment; sustainability; place-based education; inquiry

Brenda MergelBrenda Mergel
Web and Materials Development Coordinator

Andrea MichaelAndrea Michael
Academic Advisor, Indian Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

Dianne MillerDianne Miller
Department Head, Educational Foundations

Professor, Educational Foundations

Tim MolnarTim Molnar
Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

inquiry; teacher education; ethical relationships; meaningful learning

Dirk MorrisonDirk Morrison
Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies

Educational Technologies and Design (ETAD)

e-learning; ID; EdTech; informal learning

Sara MuellerSara Mueller
Research Facilitator

Shaun MurphyShaun Murphy
Associate Professor, Educational Foundations

narrative inquiry; life worlds of children; families; teachers; lives in schools identity

David MykotaDavid Mykota
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology & Special Education

risk; resilience; e-learning; program evaluation

Melanie NahachewskyMelanie Nahachewsky
Finance and Administrative Research Officer

Jennifer NicolJennifer Nicol
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology & Special Education

music therapy; singing; music listening; stress & coping; wellbeing

Brian NoonanBrian Noonan
Adjunct Professor, Educational Psychology & Special Education

Irene OakesIrene Oakes
Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer

Janet OkokoJanet Okoko
Assistant Professor, Educational Administration

School Leadership, Socially Empowered Learning, Education Programs, Immigrant & Mnority Education

Paul OrlowskiPaul Orlowski
Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations

poverty; racism; media; democracy; social justice

Jeff ParkJeff Park
Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies

literacy issues; writing and composition theory; English Language Arts

Jae-Anne PeaceJae-Anne Peace
Director of Resources

Sherry PedersonSherry Pederson
Program Coordinator, Programs Office

Kathy Pryor-HildebrandtKathy Pryor-Hildebrandt
Field Experiences Officer

Michelle PrytulaMichelle Prytula
Dean, College of Education

learning; identity; leadershp; induction; improvement

Debbie PushorDebbie Pushor
Professor, Curriculum Studies

parent engagement; parent knowledge; representation of family; curriculum; teacher education

Carolyn PytlykCarolyn Pytlyk
Research Facilitator

Shauna QuintinShauna Quintin
Administrative Assistant to Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and PhD Program and Student Support

Edwin RalphEdwin Ralph
Professor, Curriculum Studies

effective teaching and learning; mentorship

Robert RegnierRobert Regnier
Professor, Educational Foundations

educational theory; philosophy of education; ecological education; higher education

Sherry RichertSherry Richert
Support Staff Educational Administration & Educational Foundations

Jade RyanJade Ryan
Academic Advisor, Indian Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

Dianne SanderDianne Sander
Clerical Assistant, Field Experiences

Richard SchwierRichard Schwier
Emeritus Professor, Curriculum Studies

Educational Technology & Communication (ETAD)

e-learning; technology; design; agency

Chris ScribeChris Scribe
Coordinator of ITEP and First Nations, Metis and Inuit Programming

Hyunjung ShinHyunjung Shin
Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

ESL/EAL/ELL; sociolinguistics; applied linguistics; globalization/transnationalism; critical pedagogy

Charmaine SpezowkaCharmaine Spezowka
Special Education Certificate Program Support

Indian Teacher Education (ITEP) Off Campus Support

Verna St. DenisVerna St. Denis
Professor, Educational Foundations

anti-oppressive teacher education; Indigenous education

Megan SteevesMegan Steeves
Finance & Administrative Research Officer

Audrey SwanAudrey Swan
Education Student Records & Academic Advisor

Pattie TastadPattie Tastad
Seconded Teacher

Bryce TaylorBryce Taylor
Information Technology Support Specialist

Scott ThompsonScott Thompson
Seconded Teacher

Graham WalkerGraham Walker
Technology Systems Coordinator

Keith WalkerKeith Walker
Professor, Educational Administration

executive leadership; ethics; organizational and governance development/renewal

Linda Wason-EllamLinda Wason-Ellam
Professor, Curriculum Studies

early & struggling readers (EAL & FASD) children's literature, teaching reading & writing in multiligual classrooms, ethnographic research methods

Melanie WilkinsonMelanie Wilkinson
Field Experiences Coordinator

Alexandria WilsonAlexandria Wilson
Associate Professor, Educational Foundations

Director of Aboriginal Research Education Centre

anti-oppressive education; social justice; social movements; gender and sexual orientation

Jay WilsonJay Wilson
Department Head & Graduate Coordinator, Curriculum Studies

Educational Technology & Communications (ETAD)

Associate Professor

technology; authentic learning; design

Howard WoodhouseHoward Woodhouse
Professor, Educational Foundations

teaching; learning; imagining; researching; acting