Marcia McKenzie

Marcia McKenzie

Associate Professor, Educational Foundations
Director, Sustainability Education Research Institute (SERI)
Project Director, Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN)

Research areas

environment & place; globalization & social justice; educational policy & practice; youth culture & activism; the politics of social science research

Curriculum Vitae

Director,Sustainability Education Research Institute (SERI) (
Project Director, Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN) (
SERI (Lab) Office: ED 1233, (306)966-2319 
Associate Member, School of Environment and Sustainability


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Theory and Implementation, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University
  • Master of Education in Studies in Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Education, Brock University
  • Outdoor Leadership, Capilano College
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of British Columbia

Areas of Interest

  • Place, environment, and sustainability
  • Social justice, globalization, critical issues
  • Educational policy and practice
  • Youth culture and activism
  • Social and cultural theory
  • Participatory forms of education and research
  • Digital media and education
  • Methodologies and politics of research

Recent Grants

  • Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Leaders Opportunity Fund, 2012
  • SSHRC Partnership Grant, 2011-2018, Principal Investigator
  • SSHRC Standard Grant, 2011-2014, Principal Investigator
  • Research Acceleration Grant, University of Saskatchewan, 2009, 2011
  • Tri-council Bridge Funding, University of Saskatchewan, 2010, 2011
  • USTEP Grant, University of Saskatchewan, 2011
  • Technology Enhanced Learning Grant, University of Saskatchewan, 2010
  • Global Partners II, IDRC, 2010
  • John Ranton MacIntosh Research Grant, University of Saskatchewan, 2009, 2010
  • SSHRC Standard Grant, 2005-2008, Principal Investigator
  • President's SSHRC Fund, University of Saskatchewan. 2007, 2008, 2009
  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship. 2004-2007. Theory and Policy Studies in Education, OISE/University of Toronto and Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia


  • Supervisor  to Winner of the Social Sciences Graduate Thesis Award, Vince Anderson, 2012
  • Supervisor to Winner of the Social Sciences Graduate Thesis Award, David Peacock, 2010
  • Nomination, Outstanding New Teacher, University of Saskatchewan, 2011, 2010
  • United Nations Universities Award for Excellence in Education for Sustainable Development, for the program University of Saskatchewan Social and Ecological Justice Teacher Education Cohort, 2008

Select Publications

Books and Journal Special Issues

McKenzie, M. & Tuck, E. (accepted). Place in research: Theories, methodologies, methods. London: Routledge.

McKenzie, M. (accepted). Narration, place, and the social: Practices of socio-ecological education. New York: Peter Lang.

McCoy, K., Tuck, E., & McKenzie, M. (accepted). Special Issue on “Land-based Education: Indigenous, postcolonial, and decolonizing perspectives on place and environmental education research.Volume 18, Environmental Education Research.

McKenzie, M., Hart, P., Bai, H., & Jickling, B. (Eds.). 2009. Fields of green: Restorying culture, environment, and education. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

McKenzie, M., & Greenwood, D. 2009. Special Issue on “Context, experience, and the socioecological: Inquiries into practice.” Volume 14, Canadian Journal of Environmental Education.

Selected Journal Articles and Book Chapters

McKenzie, M. (in press). Time, space, and the social: The giving and taking of accounts in the representation of youth. In A. Reid, P. Hart, & M. Peters (Eds.). Handbook on educational research. London: Springer.

Vaughter, P., Wright, T., McKenzie, M., & Lidstone, L. (2013). Greening the ivory tower: A review of research on sustainability in post-secondary education. Sustainability, 5, 2252-2271.

McKenzie, M. (2012). Education for y’all: Global neoliberalism and the case for a politics of scale in sustainability education policy. Policy Futures in Education, 10 (2), 165-177.

McKenzie, M., Butcher, K., Fruson, D., Knorr, M., Stone, J., Allan, S., Hill, T., Murphy, J., McLean, S., Anderson, V., & Kayira, J. (2012). Suited: Participatory research and relational learning (pp.487-497). In M. Brody, J. Dillon, R. B. Stevenson & A. E. J. Wals (Eds), International handbook for research on environmental education. American Educational Research Association/Lawrence Erlbaum.

McKenzie, M., Russell, C., Fawcett, L., & Timmerman, N. 2010. Popular media, intersubjective learning, and cultural production. In R. Stevenson & J. Dillon (Eds.), Environmental education: Learning, culture, and agency. Rotterdam: Sense Publications.

McKenzie, M. 2009. Scholarship as intervention: Critique, collaboration, and the research imagination. Environmental Education Research, 15(2), 217-226.

McKenzie, M. 2008. The places of pedagogy: Or, what we can do with culture through intersubjective experiences. Environmental Education Research, 14(3). Invited response article.

McKenzie, M. 2007. Social learning and resistance: Towards contingent agency. In A. Wals (Ed.), Social learning toward a more sustainable world: Principles, perspectives, and praxis, (pp. 331-349). Wageningen, The Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers.

McKenzie, M. 2006. Three portraits of resistance: The (un)making of Canadian students. Canadian Journal of Education, 29(1), 199-222.

McKenzie, M. 2005. The "post-post period" and environmental education research. Environmental Education Research, 11(4), 401-412. Special issue focus article.

McKenzie, M. 2004. The "willful contradiction" of poststructural socio-ecological education. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 9, 177-190.

McKenzie, M. 2003. Beyond "the Outward Bound process:" Rethinking student learning. Journal of Experiential Education, 26(1), 8-23.

Selected Recent Presentations

McKenzie, M. 2013, April. The political economy of social norms: Class, mobility, agency, and achievement under neoliberalism. American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA.

McKenzie, M. 2013, March. Law, the environment, Treaty rights, and Idle No More. College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

McKenzie, M. 2012, April. A politics of scale in research: The ‘Youth Making Place’ project and sustainability education policy. American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia.

McKenzie, M. 2012, February. Walking as participatory method: ‘Ways of operating’ in youth research on sustainability. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, New York.

McKenzie, M. 2011, June. What we can do with culture: Socio-ecological experience towards cultural change. Invited Keynote, Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication Conference, Regina, Saskatchewan.

McKenzie, M. 2011, May. Politics, policy, and practices of ESD. Invited Keynote, Graduate Program in Education for Sustainable Development Conference. Uppsala, Sweden.

McKenzie, M. 2011, April. When oil meets water: Anticipating our environmental future through time and space. American Education Research Association Invited Plenary Panel, New Orleans, Louisiana.

McKenzie, M. 2010, June. Politics of inhabitation: The interscaler contexts of socio-ecological learning. Theorizing Education Conference, The Stirling Institute of Education, Stirling, Scotland.

McKenzie, M., Kayira, J., & Wals, A (2009, May. ESD for all?: The paradox of global prescriptions for local development/participation. World Environmental Education Congress, Montreal, Quebec.

McKenzie, M. 2009, March. Culture as practice and the research imagination, in panel on Participation, Social Justice, and Theory. American Association of Geographers Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.

McKenzie, M. 2008, October. Environmental Education research: To what end? Invited Opening Panelist, North American Association for Environmental Education Research Symposium, Wichita, Kansas.

McKenzie, M. 2008, June. Intersubjectivity, pedagogy, and the socio-ecological. Subjectivity: International Conference in Critical Psychology, Cultural Studies and Social Theory. Cardiff University, UK.

Academic and University Service

Editorial Board Member: Australian Journal of Environmental Education, Canadian Journal of Education, Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, Environmental Education Research, Other Education

Co-founder and Board member of the Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative, 2010-2013

Task Force, Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus, University of Saskatchewan, 2013

Chair,  Environmental Education SIG, American Education Research Association, 2012-2013

Program Chair, Environmental Education SIG, American Education Research Association, 2011-2012

Conference Strand Leader, Socio-ecological Justice and Community Engagement, North American Association for Environmental Education, 2010

Co-chair of Division B Section 4, Ecological and Community Justice, American Education Research Association, 2010

Chair, Outreach and Engagement Committee, School of Environment & Sustainability, 2010-

Member, Teaching and Learning Committee, School of Environment & Sustainability, 2010-

Pedagogies of Place Course Development Team Member, College of Education, 2010-2011

Member, Core Course Design Team, College of Education, 2009-2010

Member, Teacher Education Program Renewal Course Development Committee, College of Education, 2008-2009

Current Courses

  • EFDT 478.3 – Urban Education
  • EFDT 479.3 – Land-based Education
  • EFDT 335.3 – First Nations and Cross Cultural Education
  • EDFT 435.3 - Educational Thought and Values: Critical Perspectives
  • EFDT 870.3 – Interdisciplinary Seminar in the Foundations of Education
  • EDFT 885.3 - Investigations in Culture and Environment
  • ENVS 802.3 – Human Dimensions of Environmental Change
  • EDRES 800.3 - Research Methods
  • ENVS 898.3 - Qualitative Research Methodologies and Methods


P. Vaughter  Postdoc  EFDT Sustainability Education 2012-
K. Aikens   PhD SENS Sustainability Education 2013-
J. McRuer PhD EFDT Sustainability Education 2013-
R. Datta  PhD SENS Nature/culture & Territory 2010-
J. Custerra MES SENS Youth & Digital Media 2013-
H. Lake MEd EFDT Place-based Education 2012-
K.McIver MEd EFDT Environmental Education 2010-
J. Kayira PhD SENS Indigenous Eco Education 2009-2013
M.Sysing MEd EFDT Ecojustice as Curriculum 2009-2012
D.Kasun MEd EFDT Ecojustice as Curriculum 2009-2012
S.Dyck  MES SENS Green Families 2009-2012
V.Anderson MEd EFDT Post-secondary Activism 2007-2011
J.Sawyer  MEd EFDT Indigenous Science 2007-2011
S. Turkeli  MSEM SENS Schoolyard Gardening 2010-2011
C. Gupta MSEM SENS Classroom Gardening 2010-2011
D.Peacock MEd EFDT Transformative Learning 2007-2009
Y.Hansen MEd EFDT Food Knowledge 2007-2009
B.Harasynchuk MEd EFDT Eco Education 2007-2009