Janet McVittie

Janet McVittie

Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations

Research areas

student engagement through inquiry; education for sustainable development; experiential education; assessment for learning, authentic tasks, & culturally responsive teaching

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Taught
EDCUR 322.3 Teaching Science in Elementary Schools
EDCUR 324.3 Teaching Science in Middle Years Schools
EDCUR 327.3 Methods for Teaching Life Sciences in the Secondary School
EDCUR 421.3 Epistemology and Sociology of Science for Teaching
EDCUR 423.3 Advanced Methods for Teaching Science in Secondary School
Student Generated Science Resources
  Lab Safety
  Living Things in the Classroom - Resource Guide for Teachers
  Unit Plans - For use in Saskatchewan High School Science Classes
  Combustion of Fossil Fuels and Carbon Dioxide Production:
Addressing Ethanol Production and Usage
  Western Red Lily Centennial Project
    - Elementary Teaching Module
    - Middle Years Teaching Module
    - Secondary Teaching Module
  Growing a Natural Habitat Garden: Getting Started
  Natural Habitiat Garden Teaching Resources
  Prairie Habitat Garden
  Outdoor Education Clubs