Keith Walker

Keith Walker

Professor, Educational Administration

Research areas

professional and applied ethics; executive leadership, board and organizational development; trust and moral agency; hope-building through leadership; best interests of the child; teacher retention and attrition; adaptive mentorship; the spiritual dimension of leadership; flourishing schools and churches; non-Catholic students in Catholic schools; wellness and policymaking; capacity building in the new economy; leadership philosophies; and decision making in public and not for profit sectors

Curriculum Vitae

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Current Teaching Areas:Leadership Philosophy and Leader Development; Public Leadership; Executive Leadership in Public Sector; Professional and Applied Ethics; Governance and Decision Making; Organizational Theory and Organizational Behaviour; and Political Philosophy and Jurisprudence for Critical Policy Making.

Current Research Interests: Leadership Theory and Leader Development; Trust and Moral Agency; Cause-based Leadership; Policy Relevant Frameworks for the Best Interest of the Child; Developmental Altruism and Leadership; Hope-building in Leadership, the Spiritual Dimension and Disciplines of Leadership; Capacity Building in the New Economy; and the Seven Sins of Leadership

Current Consultative Work: School and Organizational Effectiveness; Leadership and Team Development; Executive Coaching; Performance and Systems Appraisal; Conflict Resolution; Community and Interpersonal Relations; Leadership Ethics; Organizational Development; Strategic and Operational Planning

Recent Books

Book Cover Guide to Kerr & King's Rules of ORder for University Practice
University of Saskatchewan Edition (2013)
David Burgess, John M. Rigby, Keith D. Walker
Book Cover A Guide to Ontario School Law (2013)
Benjamin Kutsyuruba, David Burgess, Keith Walker, J. Kent Donlevy
Book Cover The Servant - Leadership Role of Catholic High School Principals (2013)
Joseph Nsiah and Keith Walker
Book Cover Executive Leadership: Selected Essays on Leadership, Ethics and Trust in the Public Service (2013)
Edited by Keith D. Walker
Book Cover Daily Prayer Platform - Volume Two (2013)
Keith D. Walker
Book Cover The Beginning Journey to Wise Policy Leadership (2012)
Edited by Keith D. Walker
Book Cover Daily Prayer Platform - Volume One (2012)
Keith D. Walker
Book Cover Adapting Mentorship Across the Professions (2011)
Edwin Ralph, Keith Walker
book cover Working through ethics in Education and Leadership

Working Though Ethics in Education and Leadership
Theory, Analysis, Plays, Cases, Poems, Prose, and Speeches
James Kent Donlevy University of Calgary, Canada

Book Cover The Practicum in Professional Education The Practicum in Professional Education: Canadian Perspectives
Edited by Edwin G. Ralph, Keith D. Walker and Randolph Wimmer
Dancing on the Narrow Ridge book cover

Dancing on the Narrow Ridge: Superintendents' Ethical Decision-Making
Dr. Keith D. Walker & Dr. J. Kent Donlevy

Cover of 2nd Edition Saskatchewan School Law Guide A Guide to Alberta School Law
Edited by Kent Donlevy, Jerome Chomos and Keith Walker (2008)
Cover of 2nd Edition Saskatchewan School Law Guide A Guide to Saskatchewan School Law (Second Edition)
Edited by Keith Walker, Jerome Chomos and David Burgess
Published by the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit
A Guide to Saskatchewan School Law (First Edition)
Edited by Keith Walker & Jerome Chomo
Published by the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit

Apem Moa* Solomon Islands Leadership
by Kabini Sanga and Keith Walker

*Apem Moa is Solomon Islands Pijin for “raising the bar".

Valuing Literacy: Rhetoric or Reality?
by Nayda Veeman, Angela Ward, and Keith Walker