Research Facilitators (front): Sara Mueller & Carolyn Pytlyk. Finance & Administrative Research Officer: Megan Steeves
Sara Mueller and Carolyn Pytlyk support and enhance the research programs and activities of the Education faculty, the College, and the University through a wide range of research support, including 1) providing grant development services, 2) engaging in profile building, 3) helping create dynamic research partnerships, and 4) supporting unit specific goals and integrated planning initiatives.

Megan Steeves supports faculty with all post-award financial administration, including 1) facilitating and ensuring all funded projects are managed effectively and in alignment with College priorities, 2) ensuring financial transactions are compliant with the university’s and granting agencies’ policies and requirements, and 3) acting as a liaison between the faculty and the Offices of Research Services and Financial Services.

Research Facilitation Framework

Research Facilitation Framework (pdf)

Research facilitation promotes and supports research activities at the University of Saskatchewan through a network of skilled professionals who help researchers, colleges/schools, and the institution obtain funding and resources, build profiles, and develop research partnerships and collaborations.

Research Facilitators Framework