Internal Funding

John Ranton McIntosh Research and Development Awards

Overview for Applicants

Early in 1987, the University of Saskatchewan received a generous bequest from the late Dr. John Ranton McIntosh to be used for furthering the work of the College of Education.  The bequest was used to establish the John Ranton McIntosh Trust Fund, which will be held in perpetuity.  The annual interest from the Trust Fund will be used to support faculty research and faculty development in the College of Education.  Awards and benefits will be appropriately publicized each year in memory of Dr. McIntosh and to further the work of the College.

The awards are intended to promote initiatives, facilitate the development of new programs of research, encourage cross-disciplinary research, facilitate success in external grant competitions, disseminate research findings, and stimulate the formation of a community of scholars within the College of Education. Given the limited nature of the funds, not all meritorious projects may be awarded funding in any given year.

Types of Awards

There are 5 different types of John Ranton McIntosh Awards.

Awards from the Trust Fund are as follows:

  1. JRM Release Time Stipend Awards – provides funding up to $7200 to hire a graduate student to teach 1 course.
  2. JRM Research Grants – provides seed funding of up to $5000 each to begin a new research project.
  3. JRM Visiting Scholar Grants – provides funding up to a maximum of $2000 each to host a distinguished visiting scholar or practitioner.
  4. JRM Bridge Funding Grants – provides bridge funding for up to $2000 for grant applicants who receive a 4A rating on their Tri-Agency grant application.
  5. JRM Graduate Assistant Stipend Awards – provides funding up to a maximum of $3100 each to hire either a Teaching Assistant or Student Writer.

NOTE: The number of awards per year is contingent on available funds.

The awarding of funds from the trust must be decided on the merits of the project. The formal peer review process ensures the greatest degree of fairness and transparency and establishes the validity and merits of the project.

Applications are subject to competitive adjudication by members of the John Ranton Committees. Adjudication committees for the awards will be:

  • Release Time Stipend & Research Grant: Committee composed of one previous award winner, one representative of the Research Committee, one representative of the College Review Committee, one researcher external to the College, and the Associate Dean Research.
  • Visiting Scholar, Bridge Funding, and Graduate Assistant: Committee composed of the Research Committee members, and the Associate Dean Research.

Application and Deadlines

Application deadlines are May 1 for all awards (or the next working day when this date occurs on a weekend or holiday) with additional competition deadlines for the Bridge Funding Award (July 15) and the Graduate Assistant Stipend Award (October 1). Notification of the award will be provided with 4–6 weeks of the deadline. 

One original signed and completed application (hard copy) and a pdf electronic copy must be submitted to the Associate Dean Graduate Studies and Research ( prior to the competition deadline.

Ranjan Datta
Research Facilitator
ED 3053
(306) 966-1736
Kirkpatrick Travel Award
Purpose: The Kirkpatrick Travel Fund enables recipients to visit for up to one week an educational project or program related to their duties or field of interest. (Attendance at a convention or conference does not meet the conditions of the award.)

The Awards Committee will consider both the innovativeness and creativity of the proposal and also the significance of the proposal to support current educational priorities in Saskatchewan. NOTE: Applicants should include a letter of support from their system.

Award: Normally each award will consist of travel expenses via economy class air fare, plus a per diem allowance to cover costs of meals and accommodations to a maximum of $1800. Recipients of this award must complete travel within two years.
Eligibility: Members of the S.T.F.; students registered in or individuals recommended for a Teaching Certificate from the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan; and the faculty of the College.
Deadline Date: November 30

Forms for the award are available from:

The Kirkpatrick Travel Fund
Associate Dean's Office
College of Education
University of Saskatchewan
28 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 0X1
Phone: (306) 966-7558

Download a copy of the form in pdf format

Previous Kirkpatrick Award Winners