Timeline for External Applications

1 year
Arrow pointing down For any major grant competition (e.g. SSHRC), you should start planning your application roughly 1 year in advance of the deadline.  Advance planning allows you to
  1. read the guidelines, instructions, and eligibility
  2. review the pertinent literature
  3. apply for seed funding
  4. build a research team
  5. consult with your research facilitator
6 months
At this point, you should strategize and think through the key components of your proposed research.  You should
  1. draft a “detailed description” of your project
  2. develop a budget and justify the costs
  3. consider student roles and training
  4. devise  a plan for knowledge mobilization
  5. meet with the research team (if applicable)
  6. seek advice from your colleagues and research facilitator
3 months
At this time, you should work on pulling together a complete draft of the entire proposal to take advantage of the internal review process.
2 months
At this stage, you should have a rough draft of your application completed and submitted for internal review.  This is an excellent time to finalize your CV.
1 month
You will receive peer feedback from the internal review about 1 month before the deadline. This should allow you sufficient time to incorporate the feedback and address any concerns.
2 weeks
Your research facilitator can assist you in editing the proposal and ensuring it is effective and readable. He/she can also make recommendations for improving the application.  You should also notify your Department Head and Associate Dean Research that you will need their signatures on your application.
1 week
You will need to obtain your ADR's and Department Head’s signatures using the Supplemental Signature Page and complete the Intake form to accompany the hard copy of your grant application you submit to Research Services.  The Grants Specialist will conduct a technical and compliance review of your application.
Once the Grants Specialist has recommended your application for institutional approval, you may submit it to the granting agency.