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Nineteenth National Congress on Rural Education

March 30 - April 1, 2014
TCU Place, Saskatoon SK

(Formerly the Centennial Auditorium)

The Changing Reality of Rural Schools


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The Changing Reality of Rural Schools

This year's overarching theme relates to how Rural and Remote Schools are facing societal issues that may be considered exclusive to urban settings. Society has changed, and continues to change, and our rural communities and schools are addressing issues related to mental health, child hunger, poverty, diverse needs, bullying, cultural diversity, and the effects of social media, among others. Rural schools have different economies of scale which may create challenges in providing needed programs and services for children and youth attending schools in rural or remote settings. This year's Congress will facilitate discussion among participants to find ways to address these issues.

  • Dealing with Cultural Diversity in
    Rural Schools
  • Building Effective Partnerships
  • Developing Effective School and Community Councils
  • Social Media in Schools
  • Support for Immigrant Students
  • Program and Services for First Nations
  • Recruitment and Retention of Staff in
    Rural Schools
  • Effective Governance and Trustee Leadership
  • Using Technology for Improved School
  • Early Childhood Programming
  • Developing Student Leadership
  • Supporting Student Learning with effective
    Assessment Practices

Nineteenth National Congress on Rural Education
Presented by:

Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Saskatchewan School Boards Association, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF), League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents (LEADS), Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials (SASBO), Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit (SPDU), University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan.