About SELU

What is SELU?

The Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) is a non-profit agency which serves as a coordinator, developer and administrator of leadership development activities.

  • It is a collaborative agency designed to utilize the entire pool of experts and expertise in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  • It is governed by an inter-agency management Advisory Board, consisiting of representatives from:
    • Saskatchewan Ministry of Education
    • Saskatchewan School Boards Association
    • Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation
    • League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents
    • Saskatchewan Association of School Based Administrators
    • Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit
    • Saskatchewan Instructional Development and Research Unit
    • Dean, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan
    • Department Head, Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan
    • The Associate Director of the Unit
    • Gabriel Dumont Institute

Why Clients Select SELU

People select SELU to work with them for several basic reasons.

SELU clients believe that the ability to practically apply current research is essential to enhancing staff and system performance. They seek support from those who have access to such information and competencies, recognizing that in a rapidly changing educational world such specialization is critical to maintaining appropriate programs.

SELU provieds an independent, "third party" view that is valued by clients as they seek to meet increasing expectations of accountability.

Clients appreciate that SELU can significantly ease their load. SELU will take on the responsibility for work that is required to complete a necessary project without excessive demands upon clients' time. Increasingly, SELU clients are from school divisions which lack sufficient staff to develop, implement and evaluate programs which the division has traditionally provided in suport of students and staff.

SELU has extensive knowlede of the provincial education scene

Returning clients are pleased with the way SELU worked with them in the past, and anticipate that future projects will be even more successful as their collaborative relationship with SELU matures.

The SELU Committment

At SELU, we understand that we serve you!

We share the high expectations that you have for the outcomes of our work with you.

SELU will ensure that its working relationship with you is characterized by:

* Integrity
* Confidentiality
* Responsiveness
* Collaboration
* Competence
* Personalized Service