Consultative Services

Selu provides Consultative Services to School Boards, First Nations Education Authorities and Other Organizations

SELU provides a wide variety of consultative services, generally culminating in a report with recommendations. The following are only a few examples of the areas in which SELU has provided services:

  • Advice on educational issues
  • Director of Education assessment
  • First Nations and Métis knowledge and expertise
  • Review of school programs
  • School Board Assessment
  • School effectiveness
  • School Division effectiveness
  • School sustainability/consolidation
  • Senior Administrator recruitment and selection
  • Strategic planning

We can provide consultative services in many additional areas. Over the past five years, SELU has provided such services to more than 50 school boards, First Nations education authorities and other organizations.

Every project is approached as a completely new activity, with project objectives and intended outcomes agreed to by the client and SELU.