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Wall of Honour

In May 2007, the College of Education launched an Alumni Wall of Honour to recognize the success of many of our alumni. The Alumni Wall of Honour is part of the Heritage Corner located on the second floor of the College and is one of the legacies of the College’s 80th anniversary celebrations. Recognizing that several alumni of the College of Education have succeeded in a variety of fields, the Wall will represent this by honouring five different alumni annually. When you are visiting the campus, we hope you have a chance to visit the College of Education’s Heritage Corner on the second floor of the College.

If you wish to nominate someone for 2016, please contact

Wall of Honour 2016

Past Recipients

2014 Honourees
  • Robert Hinitt, B.Ed. 1952
  • Lorraine Isinger, B.Ed. 1970
  • Judy Warick, B.Ed. 1975
  • Gord Dobrowolsky, B.Ed. 1975
  • Simon Bird, M.Ed. 2011
2013 Honourees
  • Robert Barker, B.Ed. 1964
  • Leah Dorion, B.Ed. 1994
  • Jacquie Lavallee, B.Ed. 2002
  • Rita Mirwald, Educ. 1967
  • Glen Sorestad, B,Ed, 1963 and M.Ed. 1976
2012 Honourees
  • Willie Dejardins, B.Ed. 1984
  • Marguerite Gallaway, B.Ed. 1973
  • Susan Lamb, B.Ed. 1978
  • Frank Roy B.Ed. 1953
  • Delbert Wapass B.Ed. 1994, M.Ed. 2010
2011 Honourees
  • Anthony Bidulka, B.Ed. 1991
  • Dale Botting, B.Ed. 1977
  • Lloyd Cenaiko, B.Ed. 1976
  • Grit McCreath B.Ed. 1991
  • Fibbie Tatti B.Ed. 1982
2010 Honourees
  • Robert Allen Kilpatrick B.Ed. 1956
  • Mary Houston B.Ed. 1960
  • Tania Miller B.Mus.Ed. 1991


2009 Honourees
  • Dr. Freda Ahenakew, B.Ed. 1979
  • Fred Herron, B.Ed. 1969
  • Dr. Helen Horsman, Ph.D. 1995
  • Dr. Cecil King, B.Ed. 1973 and M.Ed. 1975
  • Dave King, B.Ed. 1972
  • Ronald Kostyniuk, B.Ed. 1963
  • The Hon. Ken Krawetz, B.Ed. 1975
  • Betty Anne Latrace-Henderson, B.Ed. 1980
  • Sharon Maher , B.Ed. 1968
  • Robert T. F. (Bob) Reid, B.Ed. 1971
2008 Honourees
  • Pat Atkinson, B.Ed. 1977
  • Sharon Butala, B.Ed. 1962
  • Blaine Favel, B.Ed. 1987
  • The Hon. Joseph Handley, B.Ed. 1968 and M.Ed. 1970
  • Betty-Ann Heggie, B.Ed. 1975
  • Diane Jones Konihowski, B.Ed. 1975
  • Gene Makowsky, B.Ed. 1997
  • Ann McCaig, B.Ed. 1961
  • Dave Rodney, B.Ed. 1988
  • Lyle Vinish, B.Ed 1978
2007 (Inaugural Wall) Honourees
  • Colette Bourgonje, B.Ed. 1985
  • The Hon. Dr. Lynda Haverstock, B.Ed. 1972, M.Ed. 1977
  • Dr. Stirling McDowell, B.Ed. 1955, M.Ed. 1963
  • Gary Merasty, B.Ed. 1991, M.Ed. 2003
  • Barrie Wigmore. B.Ed. 1962



The College of Education is immensely proud of our alumni and their accomplishments. In order to demonstrate our appreciation, this section is dedicated to acknowledging the endeavors that alumni undertake and the successes they have achieved.

If you would like to notify us of an achievement, please email

Gene Makowsky BED 1997 2015 CFL Hall of Fame
Kendal Netmaker BED 2011 Indspired Youth Award
Bill Mintram BED 2009 CBC Saskatchewan Future 40
John Barton BED 1987 Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal
Robert Hinnit BED 1952 Alumni Wall of Honour 2014
Lorraine Insinger BED 1970 Alumni Wall of Honour 2014
Judy Warick BED 1975 Alumni Wall of Honour 2014
Gord Dobrowolsky BED 1975 Alumni Wall of Honour 2014
Simon Bird MEDUC 2011 Alumni Wall of Honour 2014
Deputy Fire Chief Francis Henry Kunz BED 1973 Saskatchewan Protective Police Services Medal
Mr. Donald Gerard Griffith BED 1990 2013 - Special Recognition Award (Jazz Festival)
Ms. Gwen Darlene Ridout BED 1986 Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame
Mr. Dean Mitchell Elliott BED 1987; BSC 1996 Friend of the Professions Award
Mr. Lyle Anthony Benko BED 1972 Friend of the Professions Award
Ms. Leah Marie Dorion BED 1994; BA 1999 2013  The First Nations University of Canada   Aboriginal Peoples' Publishing Award for her book "The Diamond Willow   Walking Stick:  A Traditional Metis   Story about Generosity" 
Mr. Kendal Charles Netmaker BA 2011; BED 2011 CBC Saskatchewan's Future 40, National Entrepreneur Award, Owner/CEO of Neechie Gear, Indspire Youth Award
Dr. Sharon Annette Butala   O.C., S.O.M. BED 1962; BA 1963; PGD 1973;   DLITT 2004 2012 Cheryl and Henry   Kloppenburg Award for Literary Excellence
Mr. Kelly Morgan Lewis BED 1990 WISE (Wildlife, In-Trust,   Safekeeping, Education) Foundation Volunteer Instructor Conservation Award
Ms. Cecilia Kachkowski  BED 1964; BA 1974 2012 - "Best in   Canada" in Fund Raising, Charity and Community Cookbooks for her book   "Cooking with Cherries…from The Prairies"
Ms. Joan Ardine Wilson S.V.M. BED 1977 Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal (S.V.M.)
Mr. George Earl Lafond BED 1985 2013 - The Peter Lougheed Award for Leadership in Public   Policy
Ms. Rita E Bouvier MEDUC 1984 2013 - member of the core group,   Iskwewuk E-Wichiwitochik ("Women Walking Together"), recipients of   the Johanna Miller Peace Award
Ms. Lorraine Louise Pura BA 2001; BED 2003 2013 - member of the core group,   Iskwewuk E-Wichiwitochik ("Women Walking Together"), recipients of   the Johanna Miller Peace Award
Ms. Jana Kristy Marie Ross BED 2011 2013 - Winner of CBC's Aboriginal Business Plan Competition,   "Boom Box."
Dr. Priscilla Settee BED 1987; PHD 2007 2013 - member of the core group,   Iskwewuk E-Wichiwitochik ("Women Walking Together"), recipients of   the Johanna Miller Peace Award
Mr. Gene Adrian Makowsky   M.L.A. BED 1997 Saskatchewan Roughriders' Plaza   of Honour 2013 inductee
Ms. Verna Lynn St. Denis BED 1982 2013 - Special Recognition Award
Ms. Leah Marie Dorion  BED 1994; BA 1999 Alumni Wall of Honour 
Mr. Robert Martin Barker  BA 1960; EDUC 1961; BED 1964 Alumni Wall of Honour 
Ms. Jacqueline Amy Lavallee BED 2002; BSKI 2002 Alumni Wall of Honour 
Ms. Rita Mary Charlotte   Mirwald C.M. BA 1963; EDUC 1967  Alumni Wall of Honour 
Mr. Glen Allan Sorestad C.M. BED 1963; MEDUC 1976  Alumni Wall of Honour 

Class Notes

What have we been up to?

New job? New baby? Promotion? Recently married? Won an award? It's news to us! Share it with the rest of the College of Education alumni community! Please submit class notes to

Ackerman, Jacqueline ( B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.), 1989 ; M.Ed., 2009 ) Received the 2014 YWCA Women of Distinction Award, Education Award catagory, from YWCA Saskatoon.
Anholt, Roger ( B.Ed., 1967 ) 2013 Saskatchewan Sport Award Coach Dedication Award - Male
Beerling, Dennis ( B.A., 1970 ; B.Ed., 1970 ) CTV Saskatoon Citizen of the Year for 2013
Bodnarchuk, Alvin ( BSPE, 1984 ; B.Ed., 1985 ) 2013 Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame inductee
Bradley, Shane ( B.Ed., 1995 ; BSPE, 1988 ; M.Ed., 2006 ) 2013 Saskatchewan Sport Award Coach of the Year
Buzowetsky, Judy ( B.Ed., 1967 ; BSHEC, 1967 ) Elected onto the 2013 - 2014 Alumni Association Board of Directors (Elected) University of Saskatchewan
Carleton, Karen ( B.A., 1993 ; B.Ed., 1996 ) After earning a Master's in Education (Workplace & Adult Learning, 2007) from the University of Calgary, and a Master's of Science (Instructional & Performance Technology, 2009) from Boise State University in Idaho, Karen has had a variety of opportunities. She has published articles in both the International Journal of Management and Performance Improvement, spoken at a number of conferences, and been a self-employed consultant in workplace learning and performance. Karen is currently a Senior Training Specialist with SMS Equipment's corporate office, and teaches part-time online for Grant MacEwan University's School of Business, in the Human Resources Management program.
Cathro, Lorraine ( Ph.D., 1993 ; M.Ed., 1980 ; B.Ed., 1976 ) Dr. Lorraine Cathro, BEd'76, MEd'80, PhD'93, has published her family history/memoir book titled Roots and Adventures: A Prairie Childhood.
Cipywnyk, Paul ( B.Ed., 1983 ; B.A., 1978 ) After serving for several years as an alternate member of the Salmon Enhancement & Habitat Advisory Board to the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Paul Cipywnyk became a full member in November 2012, and was elected to the executive as Secretary and Chair of the Communications Committee.
Coffin, Robert ( BSPE, 1974 ; M.Ed., 1997 ; B.Ed., 1975 ) On April 26, 2014 Bob Coffin was inducted into the Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame in the builder catagory.
Cross, David ( B.Ed., 1974 ; B.A., 1967 ; EDUC, 1969 ; M.Ed., 1982 ) on receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubillee Medal
Danielson, Daniel ( B.Ed., 1972 ; M.Ed., 1988 ; B.A., 1984 ; P.G.D., 1986 ) 2013 - The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (SWDC) - Director
Dobrowolsky, Gord ( B.Ed., 1975 ) Named one of the "Men of Influence" for 2014 by SaskBusiness magazine.
Dorion, Leah ( B.A., 1999 ; B.Ed., 1994 ) 2014 Saskatchewan Book Award nominee in the catagory of SaskEnergy Children's Literature Award for "Michif Translation by Norman Fleury The Diamond Willow Walking Stick: A Traditional Metis Story About Generosity."on receiving the 2013 The First Nations University of Canada Aboriginal Peoples' Publishing Award for her book "The Diamond Willow Walking Stick: A Traditional Metis Story about Generosity" Saskatchewan Book Awards
Dyck, Wayne ( M.Ed., 1979 )CTV Saskatoon Citizen of the Year for 2002
Elliott, Dean ( B.Sc., 1996 ; B.Ed., 1987 ) on receiving the Friend of the Professions Award APEGS
Gauthier, Wayne ( B.Ed., 1974 ; B.A., 1976 ) Wayne Gauthier recently retired from the Wolf Creek School Division, near Red Deer, AB, after 40 years of teaching. He has also taught with the Greater Catholic School Division in Saskatoon, the Govan School Division near Raymore and the Chemainus School Division, on Vancouver Island.
Grabinsky, Kurtis ( B.A., 1992 ; BSPE, 1996 ) Promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant and Detachment Commander of the Revelstoke RCMP Detachment in 2013. Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal in 2012.
Haensel, Regine ( EDUC, 1970 ; B.A., 1969 ) Regine Haensel has just published her second book, "Queen of Fire," Book One in the new fantasy series, "The Leather Book Tales," available on, and soon at McNally Robinson Book Sellers. Her previous book, a collection of linked short stories about German immigrants in Saskatchewan in the 1950's was published in 2012 and is available at McNally Robinson Book Sellers, and Sask Made Marketplace.
Heggie, Betty-Ann ( B.Ed., 1975 ) On Jan. 16, 2014 Betty-Anne Heggie was elected to the Board of Directors for Allana Potash Corp.
Horn, Ronald ( BAPE, 1975 ) on being inducted into the Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame
Hritzuk, Eugene ( M.Ed., 1981 ; BAPE, 1971 ; B.Ed., 1972 ) On November 1, 2014 he will be inducted into the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame
Hrycay, Sherri ( B.Ed., 1994 ) Milliner and owner of Sova Design. Her creations will be showcased at the International Hat Festival in October of 2014 in Paris, France.
Johnston, Theresa ( B.Ed., 1990 ; B.A., 1994 ; BUSADM, 1999 ) Theresa Johnston (Percy) (BEd90, BA94, BAC99) and Dwight Percy (BComm76) recently married and are now living at their summer cabin at Meeting Lake Regional Park in Saskatchewan while spending winters in Palm Springs, California. They are business partners in their communications business, Percy Communications.
Jones, Phyllis ( B.Ed., 1960 ) 2013 Council of the Federation Literacy Award recipient
Kachkowski, Cecilia ( B.Ed., 1964 ; B.A., 1974 ) on receiving the 2012 - "Best in Canada" in Fund Raising, Charity and Community Cookbooks for her book "Cooking with Cherries¿from The Prairies" Gourmand Work Cookbook Awards
Keegan, Brian ( B.Ed., 1974 ; BAPE, 1967 ; EDUC, 1967 ) On August 16, 2014 he will be inducted into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame.
Krismer, Robert ( P.G.D., 1990 ; B.Ed., 1973 ; B.A., 1995 ) on being appointed 2013 U of S Senate Elections - U of S Senate District 8 Representative (Acclaimed; 2nd Term)
Lafond, George ( B.Ed., 1985 ) 2013 - The Peter Lougheed Award for Leadership in Public Policy
Makowsky, Gene ( B.Ed., 1997 ) Inducted into the Saskatchewan Roughriders' Plaza of Honor
McDougall, Donald ( BED, 1973 ) CTV Regina Citizen of the Year for 2013
McGregor, Rob ( B.Ed., 1978 ; BSPE, 1976 ) Presently working with the Abu Dhabi Education Council, U.A.E. After 2 years with the College of Education at U. of S. as a Internship Failitator, we moved to th Middle East where we have been for the past year and a half.I work as an Academic Vice Principal in a Gr. 10-12 boys' school with an enrollment of about 1500. The Job entails responsibility for teacher professional development, teacher evaluation, student assessment and curriculum advisement.
McInnes, Stacey ( B.Ed., 1983 ) Stacey McInnes ( née mcKechney) B.Ed '83 currently beginning her 30th year teaching. She is beginning her 20th year at Carievale School where she teaches grade 2/3 as her home room and 2-8 core French. She is lovin' life by following Calgary Flames, playing tennis and golf, traveling, or hanging out at home with husband Colin and dog "Kipper".
Meadows, Sally ( B.Ed., 2004 ) Sally Meadows (Bachelor of Education with Great Distinction, 2004) released her second CD "Red & White", a Christmas/New Year's album, in December 2013. Her first CD "Turn the Page" (2012) was shortlisted for a national writing award.Sally Meadows was shortlisted for a national 2014 Word Award in the category "Terence L. Bingley Award for Best Song Lyrics" for her song "This New Year" from her 2013 Christmas CD release "Red & White". The Word Awards celebrate excellence in writing for those who write from a Christian perspective. Sally also is an Artist-Ambassador for Compassion Canada, helping to eradicate poverty for children in 26 of the world's poorest countries.
Meier, Bradley ( B.Ed., 1992 ; BSPE, 1991 ) NHL referee since 1999; was chosen to work the Sochi Olympics where he did several important games as well as the gold medal game.
Montgomery, Janine ( B.Ed., 1996 ; Ph.D., 2008 ) Awarded 2013 Psychology Department Teaching Award, University of Manitoba; 2013 University of Manitoba Annual Outreach Award
Muench, Dave ( B.Ed., 1991 ) on receiving the Academic Advising Award (Education) University of Saskatchewan Students' Union (USSU)
Mutala, Marion ( B.Ed., 1979 ; P.G.D., 1994 ; M.Ed., 1995 ) Marion Mutala third book in her trilogy, " Babas Babushka: A Magical Ukrainian Wedding" was nominated for a High Plains Book award in the Best children's book category
Pettit, Reta ( B.Ed., 1966 ) 2012 - Governor General's Caring Canadian Award
Prowse, Patricia ( M.Ed., 1990 ; B.Ed., 1980 ; B.A., 2006 ) on receiving the YWCA Women of Distinction Leadership & Management Award Saskatoon YWCA
Ross, Jana ( B.Ed., 2011 ) 2013 - Winner of CBC's Aboriginal Business Plan Competition, "Boom Box."
Shiplett, Arlene ( B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.), 1986 ) on receiving the YWCA Women of Distinction Education Award Saskatoon YWCA
St. Denis, Verna ( B.Ed., 1982 ) 2013 - Special Recognition Award - Canadian Teachers' Federation2014 Provost's Award for Excellence in Aboriginal Education - University of Saskatchewan
Stevens, Fern ( B.A., 1934 ; EDUC, 1935 ) Celebrated her 100th birthday in July of 2013. A lifelong love of theatre and public speaking was evident throughout her time as a student at the University of Saskatchewan and in the early 1930's she was a recipient of the Bryant Oratorical Competition Award. She married John H. Stevens of Atlanta, GA in 1940 and raised three children. Mr. Stevens ran the advertising agency of Lowe & Stevens, and together they took on leadership positions to build the Southeastern Savoyards (now The Atlanta Lyric Opera.) Mrs. Stevens was both a business woman and an educator. She ran her own fashion company, Fern Moar Fashions. A close friendship with Eva Lovett started a two decade long affiliation with The Lovett School in Atlanta, GA (one of Atlanta's premier private schools) both as an educator and volunteer Her lifelong love of education cumulated in her obtaining a Master's of Education degree from Georgia State University.
Stroh, Peter ( B.Ed., 1975 ; B.A., 1970 ; M.Ed., 1985 ) Retired after 35 years with Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Completed 2 terms as president Saskatoon STS. Currently Alumni Association President.
Taman, Barry ( BSPE, 1982 ) With wife, Kelly Folk, has recently become owner of one of Canada's premier lapel pin production company's : Laurie Artiss Ltd. - The Pin People in Regina. They are the Official Licensee to TO2015 Pan Am Games and our Canadian Olympic Team.
Tootoosis, Dion ( B.Ed., 2004 ) Cultural Liaison with the Aboriginal Students' Centre (ASC) at the University of Saskatchewan
Veale, Donna ( M.Sc., 1985 ; B.Ed., 1980 ; BSPE, 1978 ) 2013 Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame inductee
Vermeersch, James ( B.Ed., 1982 ) 2013 - Fellow of the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.
Wilson, Joan ( B.Ed., 1997 ) Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal (S.V.M.) Government of Saskatchewan
Wilson, Ross ( B.A., 1970 ; B.Ed., 1973 ) As the retired Athletic Director with Huskie Athletics, work continues as the long range scheduler for all sports offered by seventeen Canada West Universities. Also elected for the period 2012-2016 as the Mayor of the Resort Village of Lumsden Beach, SK.


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