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Give to the College of Education

The gift of education is one of the most important gifts you can give. Your support of the College of Education helps us improve the services, resources and equipment needed to give future educators the best possible start. Looking to the future we know that in order to grow as a College, we require increased resources. Donor support of the College of Education allows us to achieve our goals of:

  • enhancing programming and conducting research
  • establishing community connections and expanding relations with alumni
  • rewarding academic achievement through scholarship and bursary programs
  • expanding our technological resources and facilities

We invite you to join us in creating the future by giving to the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a form of charitable giving coordinated with your financial and estate plan, which allows you to accomplish your goal in supporting the University of Saskatchewan while optimizing your tax and other financial benefits.

A planned gift to the University of Saskatchewan can take many different forms:

  • a bequest through a will
  • a gift of life insurance
  • RRSP's, RRIF's, pension and annuities
  • Gifts in Kind
  • Gifts of property
  • Gifts of stock and securities

A planned gift may be outright, providing resources for immediate use, or it may be deferred, planned now for completion at a future time.

With the assistance of the University of Saskatchewan's Planned Office and your own advisors, you can craft a planned gift to the College of Education that will support the College's pressing needs while satisfying your personal financial wishes.

For information or to make a Planned Gift visit

Virtual Donor Pillar

Wolf WillowWolf Willow

Donald & Nancy Cochrane  Robert Johnston  Art* & Lois* Rein 
Drs. Zoltan & Vivian Hanjnal  Dr. W.B.* & Doreen Reid  Professor Emeritus Gerald & Gladys Sankey 
Saskatoon Berry Bush  Saskatoon Berry Bush
Robert & Janet Johnston*  H. Charlotte Ruuth* & Roger Stone*  TD Bank Financial Group 
Estate of John Ranton McIntosh  Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation  Estate of Mary Tuckey 
Western Red Lily  Western Red Lily
Estate of Dorothy Lownsbrough Estate of Blanche Norgord Vytautas* & Gretta Slapkauskas
Helen Hinderks Isabelle Tweedie Evelyn Gourlay Radler & Prof. Albert Radler
Cameron Tkachuk*
Prairie Rose  Prairie Rose
F. Barry Brown  Lucy Howes Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit 
Eleanor Campbell* Estate of Mary Keefe  St. Thomas More College 
Margaret Cooper  Jessica Latshaw Wal-mart & Evergreen Green Grants 
Drs. Zoltan & Vivian Hajnal  Marjorie & Eric* Putt Betty Wentz-Renaud* 
Alan* & Joyce Hoge Regina & District Home Economics Association  C. Wilson*
Maureen & Gordon Haddock ASHE Breck Scaffold
Home Depot Canada Foundation Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan Layton Baumgart
Laura Chapman Margaret Clarke J. Fred Dawe
Mrs. E.B. English Dorothy Farnell Patrick Halpin
Eric & Marjorie Putt
Western Wild Bergamot  Western Wild Bergamot
Glen & Brenda Aikenhead  Len & Charlotte Haines  Simon Smith 
Jeanette Drayton  Fred* & Doreen* Horner  Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan 
F.K. Morrow Foundation  Raymond Marbry  Paul & Deanna Tremblay 
Trevor Gambell  John Provins  Margaret Walker 
Brian & Joan Gibb  Phi Delta Kappa  Brock Whale & Bertha Klassen 
Gracom Masonry  Robert Sanche  Mary Wiedrick* 
SIGA Fritz & Hanne Seidel  Elaine Yaychuk 
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Eleanor Campbell Carl Chiko
Tom Hannan Doris Laing Raymond Marbry
Scott & Grit McCreath
Prairie Buttercup  Prairie Buttercup
Cliff Aikens  Diane Higgins  William Quance 
Ray Allison  June Hildred (Davis)  Edwin Ralph
David & Verna Anderson  Helen Hinderks  RBC Foundation 
Joanna Alexander  Ken Hoeppner  Harold & Karen Rempel 
Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada Isabelle Hoffman  Patrick Renihan 
George C.  Avery  Donna Hoogeveen  Margaret Richelhoff 
Isabel Bailey  George Hooper  Lenore Rittaler 
Dale Baldwin  Jack & Leslie Hope  Sam & Ruth Robinson 
Bruce Bany  Jayne Hudson  Conrad Romuld 
Roger & Victoria Barron  Margaret* Hulings  George Rothenburget 
Leverne & ReneBaxter Dennis Hunt  Vernon & Eleanor Rourke 
Estate of Margaret Beaver  Indian & Northern Education Program  Larry Sackney 
Joan and Thomas* Bell  Shaun Johnston  Verna Sagansky
Biggar Area Teachers' Association  Brian & Susan Kaller Sheila Sampson 
Howard & Maxine Birnie  Barbara Ikebuchi  Saskatchewan Educational Psychology Association 
George Blair  Jakobina Keyser  Saskatchewan Physical Education Association 
Adrian Blunt  Wendy Kindzierski  Saskatchewan Reading Council 
Georgina Bone  Bertha Klassen  Saskatchewan Teachers of English Language Arts 
Agnes Bradbury  Ruth Knowlton  Viola Schmidt 
Jack & Leslie Bundon  Bruno Knoescni  Frances T. Schultz 
Bob & Kathy Burnyeat Vera Koob* Marlene Semenchuk 
Joyce Caley  Taras Korol  Carol Shanner 
Robin Chisholm  Rudolph* Krutzen  John & Mary Slusar 
 D.J. Chura Vera Labach  Bud & Ada Stilling
Lee & Barbara Clark  Dorothy Lane  John D. Snell 
Doreen* Clarke Keith Law  John Spinks* & Mary Spinks* 
Gerry Cooke Margaret LeCain  Fances Stang
*Elsie Cooper Dr. Harold Lobb Dave Stewardson 
James & Violet Crowell  Irene Lowry  Muriel Stewart* 
Karen David  Ken & Marina Lyons  Anna Turner Stinchcomb 
Len Davidson  Philip & Linda Lysager  Wally* & Elinor Stinson 
Carolyn Debelser-Mayson  Franklin & Colleen MacBean  Carole Sunley 
Walter* Derkach  Effie M. MacLean  Ruth Taylor* 
B. Droesse Marjorie Manson  Government of Saskatchewan - Ministry of Finance
Marie Dunn Etta Fae Marlor  Betty Thomas 
Arthur Dyck  Mary Jean Martin  Donna Thomson 
Dr. Ray Fast Diane May  Maureen Ulrich 
Grace Frank Merle McGowan  L.E. Wagner 
Delmer Friesen  Gordon McIntosh  Alexander Wakarchuk 
Henry & Betty Friesen  Elizabeth McLean  Irene Waldman* 
Margaret Fulton  Arnold McRobbie  Victor & Carolyn Waymouth 
Sheila Gerbig  Brian & Shauna Mikuliak  Helen Weigel 
 Bert Gordon  Natalka A. Mihalchuk  Kim Welte 
Edward Hamp Hilton & Wilma Mollard  Nancy Werle 
Linda Hanlon  Albert Monchuk  Ilene Wettergreen 
Thomas Hannan  Russel & Darcy Moore  Wendy White 
Evelyn Hansen  Dorothy Mountain  Marvin Wideen 
Donald & Marcia Harris  Harlod & Ann Mueller  Barrie & Deedee Wigmore 
Elizabeth Hatlelid Darrell Nordstrom  Sharon Wiseman 
Myrna Hauta  Daniel Palsich  Leslie Wood* 
Sheila Hawkins  Walt Pawlovich  R.S. Wooff 
Patricia Heide  B. Pearce  Wanda Young 
Shirley Helmerson  Peter & Wanda Phillips   Janet and Robert Johnston Family Fund
SaskTel Margaret Cooper Mary Cropp
Don & Karol Dabbs Len & Charlotte Haines Drs. Zolton & Vivian Hajnal
Jim Langen Allan & Roberta McKay Wally & Jean Pearson
Robert & Sylvia Regnier Beth Rude Robert Sanche
Brenda Santarossa (Kanciruk) Murray Scharf Frances Stang
Lorna Stuhr

* denotes deceased donor

Prairie Habitat Garden

The Prairie Habitat Garden is located on the West side of the Education Building and contains plants that are native to Saskatchewan. In the spring and summer months, the garden is used as an educational tool for teaching students about sustainability and the environment, to read more Click Here.  Each plant represents a donation, based on the following categories:

The Prairie Buttercup $1,000 -$4,999

The Prairie Buttercup (Ranunculus rhomboideus) is a perennial that usually blooms in very late April and early May. It is one of the first bright yellow flowers of spring, and is a welcome sight to the winter-weary eyes. This species is very hardy and often survives as a winter annual.

Western Wild Bergamot $5,000 - $9,999 

Western Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) is a perennial that blooms in July and usually last for 3-4 weeks.  It has pom-pom shaped flowers that are pink, edible, and contain lots of nectar. About 2-30 tubular shaped florets make up each flower. It is a member of the mint family and has very fragrant leaves.

Prairie Rose $10,000 - $24,999

Prairie Rose (Rosa arkansana) is a perennial whose flowers usually bloom in early June and last until the end of July. Each stem has 3 or more flowers on it. The flower is approximately 2 inches across, containing 5 pink or rose petals with yellow stamens in the center. The plant can grow to a height of 40 inches.

Western Red Lily $25,000 - $99,000

Western Red Lily (Lilium philadelphicum var. andinum) is a perennial and the official flower of Saskatchewan. June is the best time to see the flowers, whose appearance ranges from bright orange to almost red with black dots near the base of the petals. The stems can grow up to 60 cm in height.

Saskatoon Berry Bush $100,000 and Over

Saskatoon Berry Bush (Amelanchier alnifolia) is an ornamental shrub, native to Saskatoon. Early in the spring clusters of small white flowers will appear, that later develop into Saskatoon Berries. This edible fruit is often harvested in early July or when the berries turn from pink to deep purple. A Saskatoon Berry Bush can grow over 2 meters in height.

Wolf Willow (Bequest, Life Insurance, Future Deferred Commitment)

Wolf Willow (Elaeagnus commutate) is a shrub that usually grows 3-6 feet in height. The flowers usually bloom in June, and are silvery yellow in colour. The flowers grow to be about 3mm across and in clusters of 3 or 4. When the winter comes and the leaves have fallen off, the silver berries stand out against the white snow and the blue prairie skies.