Undergraduate Admission Process

Admission Process for September 2015/2016

The College of Education values admission measurements related to the three competencies that teachers should possess: knowledge, skills, and affect (Mullin, 2003). Rather than choosing approaches which ‘screen out’, we are shifting to approaches that ‘select in’ (Jacobowitz, DeLorenzo, and Adirim, 2000).  Along with this, we understand that the candidates that are applying have only begun to show evidence of possessing traits of teacher competencies; therefore, their potential needs to be considered along with their accomplishments.  Based on synthesized research on the validity and reliability of various assessment tools, assessed resource requirements and costs, and also on input from faculty and students, we are guided by a desire in our admissions process to select those applicants who are likely to (a) acquire mastery of critical teacher competencies, (b) show congruence with the values of our College and the goals of our new undergraduate program, and (c) align with the priorities of our institutional partners. To this end, we have determined that GPA be weighted at 50%, the online interview be assigned a weight of 25%, and the referee ratings assigned a weight of 25%.

The following will be combined to create an admission score:

  • Grade point average will be calculated on the 60 credit units of pre-requisite courses (50%)
  • An online interview (25%)
  • 35 - 40 hours of experience working with children (paid or unpaid) (25%)
Online Interview:

The online interview is a set of 5 questions that is embedded in the online application form.
Information on the College goals for teacher candidates can be found here.

Details Regarding Work Experience with Children and Youth:

Definition: The definition of working with children, youth, or young adults means that you have been engaged in work, volunteer or paid, for the purpose of aiding and enhancing the personal and social development of children, youth or young adults. This work ought to be complementary to your potential work as a teacher, including coaching, mentoring, motivating, leading, organizing, engaging, etc., children, youth, or young adults.  The timeline for your volunteer work may include experience gained in high school to the present.
Deadline: The Referee Work Experience Evaluation, including the 35 - 40 hour requirement working with children, youth (children under 18 years of age), or young adults must be completed by March 31st (prior to beginning your studies in the College of Education).


The College of Education application form will include a section for the applicant to complete that will include contact information for 2 referees. The referees you choose will have supervised or observed you with your interaction with children & youth during your work experience and can verify your work hours and character. Be sure to ask your referee’s permission PRIOR to listing them as a reference and ensure that they will have positive feedback for your survey. It is vital that their email addresses are CORRECT, it is not the responsibility of the College of Education personnel to track down incorrect addresses. If they are incomplete and we are unable to contact them, it may affect your admission score.

Process: The application form will ask for the following, enabling the College to email a survey to your referee:
Name, email address, home address and telephone number
*Alternative evaluation methods are available for those referees that DO NOT have access to email. The College will be verifying your referees to ensure authenticity and all questionnaires will be distributed April1 and must be returned by April 15, 2015.

For more information please contact:

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