Special Issue Call for Papers

Quality of Life: Towards Sustainable Community Futures 


Guest editors:

  • Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine, Community Health and Epidemiology, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
  • Dr. Isobel M. Findlay, Management and Marketing, Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan

The Journal

As an outcome of the growing dialogue in the field of engaged scholarship as well as in response to a need for a special dedicated forum for this dialogue in Canada, the University of Saskatchewan has founded the first Canadian peer-reviewed scholarly Journal on community-university engagement and scholarship.

The Journal’s Advisory Committee and Editorial Team invite contributions from community and university based researchers, teachers, and scholars that explore or profile the history, the development and social applications of engaged scholarship in Canada. Engaged scholarship most commonly refers to a range of collaborative research, teaching, and learning initiatives rooted in sustained community-university partnerships and pursued across various disciplines and social and cultural contexts. We would like to profile the best practices of community engagement as pursued by Canadian researchers at home and elsewhere, from historical and disciplinary perspectives. We envision highlighting the rich history of engaged scholarship in Canada and profiling ongoing projects pursued by Canadian scholars and their partners at home and elsewhere.

The Special Issue

For this special issue, we seek submissions that showcase local, regional, national, and international research, community practice, and other initiatives to enhance quality of life and create sustainable futures for all of us. The issue aims to enhance understanding around important quality of life issues, including measures relevant to different communities, and community-engaged research approaches to improving quality of life. The following themes are of special interest:

  • Quality of life (QoL) in local settings (in Canada or internationally)
  • QoL and Aboriginal peoples
  • QoL and newcomer communities
  • QoL over the life course (children and youth to seniors)
  • QoL for diverse communities (disabilities, LGBTQ)
  • QoL and food security
  • Planning for QoL
  • Social economy and QoL
  • QoL indicators, measurement tools, methods

Please note that we are interested in submissions in various media (visual, audio, text).

Article Submissions: All manuscripts will be subject to blind peer review by two professionals with expertise in the area, which may include one editorial board member.

Manuscripts (maximum 8,000 words) should:

• Represent original, unpublished work that is not under consideration by other journals

• Have a separate cover page that includes the names, institutional affiliations, addresses, and contact information of all authors (in addition to a blinded title page) and mask all of this information throughout the manuscript to ensure anonymity in the reviewing process

• Include a brief abstract (no more than 200 words)

• Indicate up to five keywords

• Be typed, double-spaced throughout, in 12-pt Times New Roman font

• Respecting the diversity of disciplines engaged in Community-Engaged Scholarship,  manuscripts will be formatted using either the American Pychological Association (APA) style, 6th edition, or the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) 16th edition 2010.

• Include author biography/ies (no more than 50 words) on a separate sheet

• Indicate that appropriate Institutional Research Ethics Board approval was secured, if applicable

• Be formatted and saved in Microsoft Word (no PDF please)

• Be submitted by email to engaged.scholar@usask.ca

Submission deadline November 30, 2014

For further details, format of the journal, submissions guidelines, please consult our website or talk to us at the Engaged Scholar Journal Office: 

Engaged Scholar Journal 
University of Saskatchewan
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