University of Saskatchewan 19-21 October 2007

This site is an archive of the interdisciplinary workshop held at the University of Saskatchewan on "Imagining Reproduction in Science and History." The workshop featured a handful of experts in both reproductive biology and the history of early modern sexuality and reproduction (especially for the 'long' eighteenth century, 1650-1800) who presented aspects of their work toward a discussion of how the humanities and medical sciences might collaborate in teaching such issues, or how forms of collaboration might generate new research initiatives bringing together the science, history, literature, and art of reproductive biology. For the most part this by-invitation-only workshop involved papers, presentations, and discussion, but we also focused some of its interdisciplinary exchanges upon visual images of early modern and contemporary reproductive physiology, which were mounted as a museum-style display at the Diefenbaker Center at the University of Saskatchewan. Stimulating exchange between experts who come to similar subject matter from very different disciplinary and methodological perspectives promises to open many new doors for how we see and think about these things, and about how our research and teaching might benefit from cross-disciplinary work in the humanities and medical sciences.

The organizers of "Imagining Reproduction" gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Journal of Medical Humanities

Conference proceedings were published by the Journal of Medical Humanities in 2009/10.
Figures for those articles are accessible here.