Poems from
Poems by the Incomparable, Mrs. K.P. (1664)
III. Arion to a Dolphin, On His Majesty's passage into England.
IV. On the Fair Weather just at Coronation.
XV. To the truly noble Mr. Henry Lawes.
XVII. Friendship's Mystery, To my dearest Lucasia. Set by Mr. Henry Lawes.
XIX. A Dialogue of Absence 'twixt Lucasia and Orinda.
XX. To my dear Sister, Mrs. C. P. on her Nuptial.
XXXIV. To the Queen of Inconstancy, Regina Collier, in Antwerp.
XXXV. To the Excellent Mrs. Anne Owen
LVI. On the little Regina Collier, on the Same Tomb-Stone.
LVII. Friendship.
LXX. The World.
Poems from
Poems by the Most Deservedly Admired Mrs. Katherine Philips, The Matchless Orinda (1667)
Orinda to Lucasia parting October 1661. at London.
To my Lady M. Cavendish, chosing the name of Policrite.
Against Love
Orinda upon little Hector Philips 


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