Poems from
Pamphilia to Amphilanthus (1621)
[When night's blacke Mantle could most darknesse prove]
Song 1. [The Spring now come at last]
 9. [Bee you all pleas'd, your pleasures grieve not me] 
Song. 2. [All Night I weepe, all Day I cry, Ay me]
14. [Am I thus conquer'd? have I lost the powers]
19. [Come darkest Night, becomming sorrow best]
21. [When last I saw thee, I did not thee see]
22. [Like to the Indians scorched with the Sunne]
27. [Fie tedious Hope, why doe you still rebell?]
28. [Griefe, killing griefe, have not my torments beene]
29. [Flye hence, O Joy, no longer heere abide]
30. [You blessed shades, which give me silent rest]
32. [How fast thou fliest, O Time, on Loves swift wings]
35. [False Hope which feeds but to destroy and spill]
 48. [How like a fire doth Love increase in me?] 
 Song. [O Me, the time is come to part] 
 Song. [I that am of all most crost] 
 Sonnet 2. [Love like a Jugler comes to play his prize] 
 Sonnet 6. [My paine still smother'd in my grieved brest] 
 Song. [Love a childe is ever crying] 
 8. [He that shuns Love, doth love himself the lesse] 
 Song 2. [Sweet Silvia in a shady wood] 
 Song 3. [Come merry Spring delight us] 
 I. [My heart is lost, what can I now expect] 
 2. [Late in the Forrest I did Cupid see] 
 3. [Juno still jealous of her husband Jove] 
 6. [O That no day would ever more appear] 
 7. [No time, no roome, no thought, or writing can] 
 8. [How Glowworme like the Sun doth now appeare] 


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