• Jean Jules Verdenal, to whom 'Prufrock' is dedicated, was born on 11 May 1890 at Pau in the French Pyrenees.  The son of a doctor, he was a medical student in Paris when TSE met him at Mme Casaubon's pension, 151 bis rue St Jacques, where they both lodged.  During the academic year 1910-11 they became close friends, but after TSE's return to America in the autumn of 1911 they never met again. . . . [O]n 2 May he was killed in the Dardanelles while tending a wounded officer on the battlefield. . . .  He was mentioned posthumously in dispatches for having performed his duty 'with courage and devotion'.
  • (from Valerie Eliot, The Letters of T.S. Eliot Volume I  1898-1922, quoted in Anthony Hands, Sources for the Poetry of T. S. Eliot. Oxford: Hadrian Books. 1993 p. 1.)
  • Eliot in April 1934:
  •     I am willing to admit that my own retrospect is touched by a sentimental sunset, the memory of a friend coming across the Luxembourg Gardens in the late afternoon, waving a branch of lilac, a friend who was later (as far as I could find out) to be mixed with the mud of Gallipoli.
    (Hands, Sources 1)
  • From Dante Purgatorio xxi. 133-6, Virgil to Statius.