This thesis would not have been possible without the care and patience of many wonderful people. I would like to thank Peter Stoicheff for his careful advising, for introducing me to the possibilities of hypertext, and for providing me with the opportunity to pursue this project, and Richard Harris, also for his sound advising, aesthetic suggestions, and great conversations. Thanks also to Andrew Taylor, for all his good advice, and my examiners, David Parkinson, Hilary Clark, and Keith Taylor, for asking fair and insightful questions. Much-needed help with translations was graciously given by Geoffrey Greatrex, Michael Gonsior, and Maria Euchner. A recorded reading was kindly provided by David Klausner. My brother, Lenny Owen, gave me all sorts of help and support throughout my university education, as did my mother, Alorie Williams, and my father, Gary Owen. I would like to offer very special thanks to Charles Harrison Wallace for his contagious enthusiasm for The Seafarer; he stumbled upon my work when his inspiration was most needed, and his influence can be found throughout my text. Most of all, I would like to thank my dear Stacey, who spent many hours typing and sifting through concordances. The extent of her loving generosity, in the midst of her own M.Sc. programme, amazed even me.

Nunc hoc est totum; pro deo da mihi potum! (anonymous)

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