Maximize the value of university spend

Maximize the value of the university spend is a series of projects ensuring the university uses its spending power to generate savings and discounts.

Maximize the value of university spend will include the following initiatives/projects:

  • implement the travel and expense management system
  • streamline our request for proposal and contracts processes
  • implement a procurement and inventory system
  • gather and use data to improve our buying power and reduce costs of goods and services
  • develop a more transparent and logical fee-for-service structure
  • consolidate our internal stores and receiving operations

Its goals are to:

  • achieve best price for goods/services received
  • achieve lowest cost of delivery and inventory
  • achieve lowest administrative costs
  • provide transparent measures and benchmarks
  • improve service and enhance customer satisfaction
  • improve internal financial controls and financial stewardship

View a flow chart providing an overview of all current maximizing the value of university spend projects, goals and objectives

Project information and updates