Town Halls

Financial Town Hall June 13, 2013




Question and answer session

  1. What percentage of activities or what portion of activities supported by the operating budget goes towards supporting activities which are undertaken from non-operating budget [funds]?
  2. Is there a way where some of the deficits that we are going to be carrying over the next three years can be linked with activities outside [the operating budget] and whether there can be some claw back of [other funds]?
  3. We have subsidiary companies owned by the university…how much of that is being figured out in terms of our ability to balance our budget by seeing what is happening there and what percentage of that can be used for this purpose?
  4. I have heard that the agreement between faculty and the university to hold salary increases to 1 per cent over the next year will cover a significant portion of the projected deficit. Could we have a comment on that?
  5. I have heard that senior administration is receiving a salary increase in the area of 6 per cent. Is this true and could you comment on what the salary increase for senior administrative personnel is?
  6. When will we see action based on TransformUS task force recommendations and what is the process of that action?
  7. Are we hamstringing TransformUS to do their work by having workforce planning and other activities continue in parallel?
  8. I notice the trajectory for increase [of projected expenses], sort of the slope of that increase line, in the original situation was at a particular level and the 2013-14 to 2014-15 slope on the expenses line seems much steeper. Are we expecting a much greater increase proportionally in expenses over the next year now than we were a year ago and why?
  9. How satisfied are you with the progress to date? So now that we have one year to look back on as a perspective do you think things could have been done differently?