University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

About FS

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate and enhance innovative and effective business decisions and the attainment, utilization, and allocation of financial resources for academic, administrative, and research units by providing relevant and responsive financial and administrative services.

Our Vision

Financial Services, as a valued member of the university community, works to advance the university's commitment to excellence in the scholarly activities of teaching, discovering, preserving, and applying knowledge. We will be:

Our Values


To work cooperatively as individuals within our own work groups, to work cooperatively with other units of FS, and to work cooperatively with other units on campus and other stakeholders to resolve issues of common concern by:


To be honest, fair, reliable, and courageous by:


To provide expert skills and knowledge to our clients in a dependable and trustworthy manner by:


To foster new ideas, facilitate problem solving, develop customized solutions to meet the needs of individual clients and situations and contribute to an environment of change by: