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University Strategic Planning

For information about the university's strategic planning activities, please visit the Institutional Planning and Assessment website.

Financial Resources Commitment

The Financial Resources Commitment is one of the university's 20 Commitments in the second integrated planning cycle.  This commitment encompasses a number of Financial Services Division Initiatives.
  1. Improving Management of Resources & Implementing More Effective Resource Allocation.
    • Contribute to Resource Planning & Analysis Knowledge Database
  2. Improving our Internal Control Environment
    • Assess & Improve Internal Control Framework & Promote Stewardship
  3. Enhancing Transparency
    • Extend Financial Information to University Community
    • Increase Focus on Training
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    Financial Resources Commitment Poster (from IPA website)  
Financial Resources Commitment December 2009 Update  
2010 FSD Client Survey Summary  

FSD Strategic Initiatives

As an administrative unit, FSD supports the delivery of the university’s key missions of teaching and research.  Financial Services has identified four key initiatives to support the university’s strategic directions for the 2008-2012 planning cycle

Extending Financial Information to the University Community

Financial Services will work with Colleges and Administrative units to enhance the value of financial information.

Assess and Improve our Internal Control Framework and Promote Stewardship

Policies, processes and guidelines will be reviewed, revised and developed to ensure best practices and risk mitigation.  Financial Services will work with Colleges and administrative units to ensure an understanding of the shared stewardship responsibilities.

Increase Focus on Training

Diverse financial administration roles and responsibilities require Financial Services to develop and deliver training around financial management and the tools required to assist individuals with financial and administrative responsibilities.

Contribute to the University’s Resource Planning and Analysis Knowledge Base

This initiative focuses on supporting the development of benchmarks to assess the adequacy/comparability of internal resource allocation/utilization.  The development of financial metrics is also key to provide measures of activity over time and in relation to comparator universities. Our Mission is to facilitate and enhance innovative and effective business decisions and the attainment, utilization, and allocation of financial resources for academic, administrative, and research units by providing relevant and responsive financial and administrative services.