University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Monthly Financial Review Procedures

Researchers and others responsible for managing funds

Researchers and others identified as financial managers of funds in UniFi must perform specific financial management functions every month as identified in the roles and responsibilities associated with their position.

To assist you in performing these tasks, a checklist has been prepared as a guideline only and may be used to supplement existing procedures already in use in your department.

Additionally, the university must be able to provide evidence, both internally and externally, that appropriate review of our use of public funds is taking place. Greater accountability is being placed on the university by governments, research sponsors, donors, and the public to ensure responsible financial management.  Accordingly, the university is implementing a required monthly sign-off process for all individuals entrusted with the management of colleges/departments/units.  Every month, an email will be sent once the month-end reports have been prepared, and a workflow task will appear on PAWS similar to this (but for month-end, not year-end):

Monthly Review Workflow

By clicking on the task identified in PAWS, you will be redirected to the a sign-off procedure, similar to this:

Monthly Review Sign-off


You must answer each question and provide a response in the note section in order to complete the sign-off procedure. You may partially answer the questions and “save and close” the workflow task in order to return to it at a later date.  You must “complete” the task in order for your responses to be registered and for the workflow task to disappear from your outstanding workflow list in PAWS.  Your sign-off should be completed before the next month end.

In almost all cases, you should have two workflow tasks in PAWS each month: one for your role as financial manager of specific funds; and one for your role as head of a college/department/unit.  Both sign-off procedures must be completed each month.