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Shipping Personal Goods from Outside Canada to the University of Saskatchewan

University employees should be aware that shipping personal goods from outside Canada to the University of Saskatchewan is NOT permissible.  The implications of receiving these goods affect the university directly, as follows:

The university's contracted customs broker, Thompson, Ahern & Co. Ltd. (TACO), has been instructed NOT to handle personal shipment paperwork.

If a personal shipment is inadvertently cleared by CBSA through our customs broker, TACO will send a letter of instruction to explain what steps must be taken to file the required customs entry.

If a personal shipment is sent to the university in error and is identified before the customs clearance is complete, arrangements to file an entry can be done in two ways:

  1. Contact a Canadian customs broker and request a "one time" entry.  Please note that individuals are not eligible to receive the university's contracted rates.
  2. Go directly to the CBSA office and file the entry in person.

IMPORTANT: The customs paperwork has time limits set by CBSA and must be dealt with immediately.  The university appreciates your assistance to ensure that the flow of imported or exported university equipment and supplies is not hindered by consequences of any personal shipments.

Contacts for further information:

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