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Financial Services (FS)

Shipping to International Destinations

Shipments To Mexico And Countries Outside North America

Goods valued less than $2,000.00 Canadian

Goods valued more than $2,000.00 Canadian as well as Controlled, Regulated and Restricted Goods

Shipments To U.S. Destinations

Instructions For Completing An Export Invoice / Declaration For Customs Clearance

  1. Download a copy of the Export Invoice / Declaration below or complete the form on-line.
  2. Complete the invoice using the following directions.  Please note that the fields indicated below must be completed:
  1. DATE OF EXPORT:  Indicate the date the parcel is being shipped.
  2. EXPORT REFERENCE:  Indicate purchase order number and/or a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number (if required by the supplier) for the goods being returned.  The RMA number should also be clearly marked by on the parcel label.  An authorized contact name may be used in place of an RMA if deemed acceptable by the supplier.
  3. EXPORTER/SHIPPER:  Department's name and address as well as the applicable CFOAPAL number.
  4. CONSIGNEE:  Name and address of consignee (destination of goods).
  5. IRS NUMBER:  The consignee's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) number, also referred to as an Export Identification Number or EIN.  If this number is not included on the form, U.S. Customs will hold your shipment and charge interest on duty and taxes, if applicable, until the number is received. 
  6. COUNTRY ORIGIN OF GOODS:  Indicate the country of origin (where goods were manufactured).  This is the country where the main components were manufactured, NOT the country where the goods were ordered from.
  7. CURRENCY:  Indicate currency used for the stated value of goods.
  8. DUTY/BROKERAGE FOR ACCOUNT OF:  Check the appropriate box.  If brokerage/duty is the responsibility of the university, check the first box and if the responsibility of the consignee, check the second box, or indicate other.
  9. PARTIES TO THIS TRANSACTION:  Check "unrelated".
  10. COURIER/TRANSPORT COMPANY:  Indicate name of company and waybill number.
  11. QUANTITY:  Indicate number of each item being shipped.
  12. DESCRIPTION OF GOODS:  Indicate the part number (if applicable).  A complete description of the goods is required and whether or not they are being returned for warranty or repair.  Include a serial number for the goods being exported (if applicable).  The serial number is especially important for goods that will be returning to Canada such as repairs.
  13. TEN DIGIT H.S. NUMBER:  Access this information at or contact TAHOCO at phone number 1-800-471-5530. To request a tariff classification, complete the TAHOCO Tariff Classification form below.
  14. UNIT OF MEASURE:  Indicate the number of units such as "each".
  15. UNIT VALUE:  The unit price is required.  This is defined as "fair market value" or the "selling price".
  16. TOTAL VALUE:  The total cost is required.  If your goods are being exported for repair, state the pre-repair value of the unit.  Calculate this figure by taking the replacement cost and subtracting the repair cost (or estimate) to reach the value you need to declare.  The value must be a reasonable amount.  DO NOT under-value the goods.  Even if the goods have no commercial value, a value still needs to be declared.  For this type of shipment, the value should be stated as the cost of preparation (gathering, storing, preparation for shipping, etc.) and transportation.
  17. NUMBER & TYPE OF PACKAGES:  Include the number of packages and the type such as box, envelope, etc.
  18. TOTAL WEIGHT:  Total weight of all parcels being shipped.
  19. SHIPPER (sign and print name):  Clearly print your name, date and sign the form.
Note: Your shipment will be assessed for duty by the Canada Border Services Agency.  The amount of duty charged is determined by several factors including:  the type of goods, the purpose for which the goods will be used, the original country of manufacture, and any applicable trade agreements.


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Export Invoice / Declaration for Customs Clearance
TAHOCO Tariff Classification form

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