University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services Division (FSD)

Where to Buy Goods & Services

eMarket - Contracted Suppliers with direct ordering sites

Internal Campus Services

Contracted Suppliers

Advertising - Various Publications

Animal Feed - Federated Co-operatives Limited

Biobar Freezer Programs (Consignment Stock)

Cellular Phone, Smartphone and Blackberry Plans



Cold Beverage - PepsiCo Beverages Canada

Courier Services

Customs Brokerage Services - Thompson, Ahern & Co. Ltd.

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Receiving Log for Imported Goods  
Shipping Log for Exported Goods  

Gaseous Products


Lab Supplies, Minor Equipment Less Than $5,000, Maintenance and Repair Services - Fisher Scientific

Laundry Services

Moving and Relocation Services

Office Copiers / Multi-Functional Devices (MFD)

Stationery and IT Supplies - Supreme Basics

Vehicle Rentals

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Authorization to operate university owned/leased or CVA vehicles form  
CVA vehicle distance report form  

Waste Disposal and Recycling Services