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Question: Can I use Air Canada Latitude for research travel?
Answer: Yes if this is the most cost effective option for airfare. Researchers must provide evidence showing that this was the most cost-effective option, such as a screenshot which shows that there were no other fare options available at a lower price.

Reference to Tri-Agency Administrative Guidelines

Travel and subsistence costs (meals and accommodation) include reasonable out-of-pocket expenses for field work, research conferences, collaborative trips, archival work and historical research, for the grantee, research personnel and students working with the grantee, and visiting researchers. Air travel must be claimed at the lowest rate available, not to exceed full economy fare.

Reference to university procedures/support/guidance


Travel expenses being incurred should be the most economical that can be arranged.


Individuals and their supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all university-related travel has been properly authorized and is fully documented. The individual/traveler is responsible for making the most economical travel arrangements available under the circumstances.

The university travel policy can be found at: