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Question: Can benefits be expensed to Tri-Agency award funds?
Answer: Yes.  It is up to the researcher to determine if benefits will be offered.

Reference to Tri-Agency Administrative Guidelines

“Salaries and the actual cost of related federal, provincial and institutional non-discretionary benefits for work performed by research personnel that contributes towards the direct cost of research for which the funds were awarded, shall be in accordance with institutional policies.”

“Institutional non-discretionary benefits normally included long- and short-term disability insurance; life insurance; pension benefits; medical, vision and dental care benefits; and parental leave.  Institutional n0n-discretionary benefits must not contravene Agency guidelines.”

Reference to university procedures/support/guidance

As long as the employee does not have the choice to opt in our out of a benefit plan.  If the employee has the choice to opt in or out of a particular benefit plan, the agencies consider these benefits to be discretionary in nature and therefore ineligible.

The university has benefit packages for research personnel. Benefit packages can be offered to research employees who fall into one of the three classifications:

For further information please refer to:

The Human Resources Division has provided principle investigators with guidance for the classification of research staff at