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Question: Can I approve a purchase on a PCard if the purchase date was before ethics was in place?
Answer: Possibly.


The principle behind the institutional approval process is the university must have a process in place to stop a charge to a Tri-Agency fund that is not eligible or in compliance.  When a purchase is made on a PCard before ethics were in place, refer to the date on the fund set-up email that is sent to the researcher.  That is the effective date of the fund.  So if the purchase was made on July 11 it will appear on August’s reconciliation statement.  This means that it won’t be posted until September.  Therefore, the grant holder would not know the new fund number until the fund is opened which means that the charge is okay as it will be charged after ethics are in place.  The principle behind the approval has been met.

Note: there are instances where the fund will be set-up when ethics are not required until a future date.  There is another process in place that allows the fund to be opened in this situation.