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Question: Are moving costs eligible against Tri-Agency funding?
Answer: Possibly.


The relocation costs guideline applies for existing research personnel that need to relocate to follow a grantee that is A) changing universities and moving the grant research with him/her or B) doing a lengthy research/field work trip.  The grantee can decide to pay for the research personnel's relocation if he/she wants to follow the grantee to continue working on the research.  All expenses must be spent economically and efficiently; therefore the grantee must justify the need for the research to incur the relocation expenses.  Eligible relocation cost is limited to economy airfare or land travel up to the equivalent of economy airfare for the research personnel and his/her immediate family member(s).

Relocation expenses of a newly hired research personnel is not eligible to charge to the grant.  A newly hired research personnel, when making the decision to accept the employment, implicitly agrees to bear the expenses for relocating to the city of or within close proximity to the location of employment.