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Question: Why are CRC awards considered Tri-Agency related?
Answer: CRC awards must follow Tri-Agency regulations (as this is a source of funding) with respect to approval of expenditures.  Please refer you to this link for further information  -

Roles and responsibilities

Chairs are awarded to institutions. The Secretariat will make quarterly payments, through SSHRC’s finance division, on behalf of the designated Agency. Installments for future fiscal years will be subject to availability of funds.

The administration of funds granted by an Agency is carried out by the institution and the Agency. Refer to the Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions for more details on the administration of funds granted.

In accordance with federal laws and policies regarding grants, the Secretariat verifies the institution’s eligibility for and entitlement to grants.

Chairs are awarded to eligible institutions and are administered through the institution. The institution authorizes expenditures in accordance with Agency and program policies and requirements, as outlined in the relevant Agency and program guides on their websites, or as stated as a condition of award, and with institution policies. No one may initiate or authorize expenditures from an award account without the institution’s delegated authority.

Each institution establishes appropriate procedures, systems and controls to ensure that Agency and program policies and requirements are followed. The institution has the right and responsibility to withhold and withdraw approval of expenditures proposed by a chairholder that contravene the Agency’s or program’s requirements or the institution’s policies and, when appropriate, to seek advice or ruling from the Secretariat as to eligibility of expenses.

The grantee, normally the institution’s president, principal or rector, authorizes expenditures from the grant account in accordance with program guidelines. The grantee may delegate the authorization of expenditures to a small number of individuals. The business office of the institution at which the chairholder is located generally administers the Chair funds. The institution must open a separate account for each grant it receives, and must clearly record all payments made into and from the account, and group them by category.

The institution must not disburse any funds on behalf of the chairholder until all specified certification requirements, including those in respect of animal care, human ethics and any other requirements have been met, and any other special permits or licenses have been delivered.

Administrative, personnel and accounting procedures must conform to the standards, practices and policies of the institution.

The institution is responsible for providing chairholders with a budgetary statement for their Chair on a regular basis.

All subsequent installments are subject to parliamentary appropriations and the conditions that may be attached to them. The Agency and the Canada Research Chairs Program reserve the right to defer or suspend subsequent installments if the parliamentary appropriations are reduced or cancelled, or if the need for funds is not demonstrated.“

In this section the “agreement link” ( ) if you scroll to 3.3 Financial Administration please scroll to point 3.3 where you will find that expenditures charged to CRC awards must follow Tri-Agency regulations. 

"3.3 Financial Administration

  1. The Institution shall:
    1. administer and expend the funds that it receives from an Agency in accordance with:
      1. the Agency's financial policies and procedures including, but not limited to, the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide, as they may be amended or supplemented from time to time; and
      2. any additional terms or conditions of the Grant or Award;"