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Guidance in Administration of NSERC Research Tools & Instruments (RTI) Grants

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Clarification of Specific NSERC RTI Grants Guidelines

General Contract Administration
  • One-year awards that assist in buying or developing research equipment that costs more than $7,000.
  • Awards receive an automatic one-year extension.
  • Equipment must be purchased during the term of the award or in the one-year period immediately prior if the prior purchase was identified in the application to NSERC.
  • The grantee must authorize by signing all claims for expenditures against grant funds OR he/she may delegate this authority to another person by completing the delegate signing authority request form
  • Refer to NSERC web site for most current agency guidelines NSERC – Research Tools and Instruments Grants Program
Equipment Specifications
  • Grants must be used only to purchase the specific type of equipment included in the application.
  • If the grantee wants to purchase different equipment, prior approval (in writing) must be obtained from NSERC prior to its purchase (Research Services must be copied on all such requests).
  • A change in the manufacturer or model of the equipment being purchased does not require prior NSERC approval.
Financial Reporting to NSERC
  • The U of S Financial Reporting department will prepare the required Form 300 annually.
  • The Grantee must sign the Form 300 and return to Financial Reporting.
  • Financial Reporting will submit the required Form 300 to NSERC prior to the annual reporting deadline of June 30.

Eligibility of Expenditures

Equipment and Facilities
  • Purchase or rental costs are eligible.
Transportation costs for purchased equipment
  • Eligible costs.
Extended warranty for purchased equipment
  • Eligible costs.
Brokerage and customs charges for the importation of equipment
  • Eligible costs.
Personnel (ie. salary and benefits)
  • Salary and benefit costs are generally not eligible
  • Salaries and training costs of technical support personnel for the initial phase-in period of operations (up to two years) may be eligible for categories 2 & 3 grants.
  • Travel costs are generally not eligible
  • Travel costs to visit manufacturers to select major equipment may be elibigle for categories 2 & 3 grants
  • Ineligible costs.
Costs of the construction, renovation or rental of laboratories or supporting facilities
  • Ineligible costs.
Software licensing or upgrades for subsequent years
  • Ineligible costs.

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