University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Research Financial Administration

Payments from United States of America (USA) Customers and Sponsors of Research Projects

Organizations in the USA with arrangements to provide funding or payments to the University of Saskatchewan require the university to complete specific Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forms before they can issue payments. These organizations will usually request the completion of a W8 or W9 form.

Any requests received from organizations in the USA for the above noted forms should be forwarded to the attention of the Associate Controller, Institutional Reporting ( The university is required to track the organization requesting these forms and is required to authorize each one individually to ensure that the appropriate forms are completed. Failure to properly track and authorize these forms could affect the university's tax-exempt status with the USA.

When forwarding requests for these forms, please provide the following information to ensure the appropriate form is completed and the required documentation is provided to the USA organization:

Upon receiving the information above, Financial Reporting will determine the appropriate form to complete and will send the required documentation directly to the requesting organization. You will receive an email notifying you that the documentation has been sent.