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Tri-Agency Financial Compliance Program

The focus of this webpage is to provide additional support to members of the U of S research community in the financial administration of Tri-Agency grants. Having strong financial administrative procedures in place helps the university ensure accountability, compliance and stewardship for the grants received from the Tri-Agency. To this end, the Tri-Agencies have required the university to adopt a new business practice of having every Tri-Agency related expenditure go through an independent approval. The function has been named the institutional approver. This page is intended to answer questions researchers may have about the administration of their grants as well as to provide guidance to indivuduals assuming the role of institutional approver.

How do I...

... know who my institutional approver for Tri-Agency expenditures is?
... receive reimbursement for supplies I've paid for?
... find the DOSA (delegation of signing authority) form?
... find out about the new approval process for PCard statements?
... find the status of approvals for any job submissions I have completed?
... go about submitting a PCard submission and I do not have the researcher's approval by the cut-off date?

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Can benefits be provided for research employees using Tri-Agency award funds?
  2. What UniFi account code do I use for student stipends?

Reimbursements for Travel and/or Out-of-Pocket Expenses

  1. Can I use Air Canada Latitude for research travel?
  2. Can the purchase of a daily planning calendar be expensed to a Tri-Agency fund?

Supporting Documentation

  1. How long should I keep supporting documentation for Tri-Agency research related expenses?


  1. Why are CRC, CERC and CRC-150 awards considered Tri-Agency related?
  2. Will the Tri-agency provide parental leave for eligible students and postdoctoral fellows?
  3. Why are Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada awards (NCE) considered Tri-Agency related?
  4. Are moving costs eligible against Tri-Agency funding?

Guidance for Institutional Approvers

Approval Guidelines for

Frequently Asked Questions for Institutional Approvers

  1. Can the institutional approver also be a one-up approver for PCard statements?
  2. Can I approve a purchase on a PCard if the purchase date was before ethics was in place?

The Institutional Approver Explained

Institutional Approver Process Documents