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Tuition Fees & Tuition Waivers


Tuition Waivers are an entitlement of employees as a result of their membership in a collective bargaining unit. Tuition waivers are for tuition only and the employee is responsible for the payment of any other related fees.

Refer to the guideline: Reimbursement of Educational Costs for details.


Please Note:
Applications must be submitted prior to the fee payment deadline in order to avoid late penalties. Applications received after this date will be subject to late penalties. The final deadline for submitting applications is the last day of the term in which the benefit will be applied. E.g. the deadline for the Spring term (200505) would be June 30, 2005. Applications received after this date will not be considered.


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Tuition Waiver Form


For additional assistance please contact:

Lennard Fox
Student Accounts Supervisor
(306) 966-4597