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Financial Services (FS)

Financial Services Training Overview


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Our online travel and expense system, Concur, is now being used across campus. Please see our Concur Travel and Expense User Information page for information, training materials and assistance.

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Training Videos (on YouTube)

Regularly Scheduled Training (facilitated through ICT's Training Services website)

FAST Finance Transition Course

This transition course will cover all the basics that you need to know to get up and running quickly and easily in the new and improved FAST Finance Reporting. 
FREQUENCY: periodically delivered

Journal Voucher (JV) Training (UniFi training)

Training provided includes using JVs to transfer funds, correcting previous transactions, moving expenditures/revenues between CFOAPALs, recording sales, plus a hands-on exercise and Q&A session. 
FREQUENCY: every 4-6 weeks 

FAST Finance Reporting Training (UniFi training)

Instruction in basic FAST functions, including search criteria, views, finding detailed information, online invoices and fund balances, is provided. 
FREQUENCY: every 4-6 weeks 

Purchase Requisition and Receiving Training (UniFi training)

Basic aspects related to the procurement process on campus will be covered, including but not limited to an overview of the Procurement process and how to create a Purchase Requisition in UniFi. 
FREQUENCY: every 4-6 weeks 

Introduction to the Basic Elements of USask Accounting

Sessions cover accounting fundamentals and university fund structure, the university’s financial statements, financial administration roles and responsibilities, internal controls and the resource allocation project. 
FREQUENCY: periodically delivered

Periodic Training (offered through FS)

Selling Goods & Services Workshop (internal controls training)

This workshop provides information on the appropriate procedures to follow to properly record the sales of university goods and services, including invoicing and accounts receivable. 
FREQUENCY: available on request
INFORMATION: Internal Controls

Reviews & Documentation Workshop (internal controls training)

The importance of monthly financial transaction review procedures and monthly supervisory financial review procedures is discussed, and advice on process and procedure documentation is provided.
FREQUENCY: available on request
INFORMATION: Internal Controls 

PCard Training 

Training is provided on the appropriate use of University of Saskatchewan procurement cards.
FREQUENCY: PCard applicants are contacted to attend training and pick up their new procurement cards 
REGISTRATION: by FSD invitation 
INFORMATION: Buying Goods & Services 

Customs and Brokerage Information Sessions

This session covers critical information regarding importing and exporting goods; importing into Canada; broker, importer and supplier responsibilities; documentation; penalties; U.S. customs information; and other relevant topics. 
INFORMATION: Customs Brokerage Information Sessions 

Budget Training Sessions

Each November, a beginner session for those new to the university’s budgeting process is offered and an advanced session for those who want a refresher or who have discussion topics is offered.
FREQUENCY: once annually