University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Banner Finance (UniFi) Training Manual

The contents of the Banner Finance (UniFi) Training Manual can be found below.  Please print off sections as required.

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Cover Page and Table of Contents  
Section 1 - Overview  
Section 2 - Security  
Section 3a - Creating a Self-Service Purchase Requisition  
Section 3b - Creating a Banner Purchase Requisition  
Section 4 - Encumbrance Query  
Section 5 - Journal Voucher General Information  
Section 5a - Creating Self-Service Journal Vouchers and Budget Transfers  
Section 5b - Creating Banner Journal Vouchers and Budget Transfers  
Section 5c - Editing, Deleting and Copying a Journal Voucher in Banner  
Section 6 - Viewing Documents  
Section 7 - FAST Finance Reporting User Guide  
Section 8 - PCard User Guide  
Section 9 - Budget Development in Self Service  
Budgeting Quick Reference Guide (non-salary)  
Section 10 - Department of Health, Safety & Environment Commodity Codes  
Section 11 - Establishing Personal Menus in Banner (My Banner)  
Section 12 - Entering Receiving Information in Banner  
Section 13 - (Reserved for Fixed Asset Transfers)  
Section 14 - Document Query in Banner  
Section 15 - Appendices