University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Apr 05, 2012

2012-2013 Approved Exception Standing Order Requisition Procedures

Requisitions for 2012-2013 approved exception Standing Orders can now be entered in UniFi Plus. Please complete prior to 4:30 pm on April 17th.

Completing a Standing Order Requisition

The process to set-up an approved exception Standing Order is as follows:

  1. Log into PAWS and sign in to UniFi Plus (PAWS> Admin Services> Financial Services channel> UniFi Plus).
  2. In UniFi plus, enter FPAREQN in the Go To field and hit <Tab>.
  3. On the FPAREQN form, enter the word NEXT in the Requisition field and perform a Next Block function (Block> Next or Ctrl+Page Down).
  4. The Order Date and Transaction Date must be entered as 01-MAY-2012 and the Delivery Date as 30-APR-2013.
  5. Enter "Standing Order" in the Comments field.
  6. To add any document text, go to Options (at the top of the screen), select Document Text and perform a Next Block function to enter additional information relating to this requisition. When completed, save your changes and exit out of Document Text to return to your requisition form.
  7. Use the Next Block function to move between the tabs for Requestor/ Delivery Information, Vendor Information, Commodity / Accounting and Balancing / Completion). Please ensure the following information is correct:
    1. Requestor and Organization code.
    2. Ship to information and Attention to information.
    3. Vendor information.
    4. Item description.
    5. U/M (Unit of Measure) field shows as EA.
    6. Quantity field shows as 1.
    7. Unit Price – VERY IMPORTANT (Annual Encumbrance) field must reflect the estimated total annual spending.
    8. CFOAPAL – Please ensure that the Year field is changed to 13 in the CFOAPAL field and that the CFOAPAL entered is correct. Making changes to the CFOAPAL throughout the year causes system problems and difficulties in processing payments.
  8. You should, by now, be assigned with a Requisition number in the Requisition field. Please note down the Requisition number as this number is required to find out the Standing Order number once your Requisition has been approved by Purchasing Services, FSD (see “How to Find Your Standing Order Number” section below).
  9. Once you have noted the Requisition number and all information has been entered, then perform a final Next Block function to get to the Balancing / Completion tab.
  10. Click on Complete button to finalize the Requisition. A Standing Order number will be issued once your Requisition is approved by Purchasing Services, FSD.
  11. Purchasing Services, FSD will process all Standing Order Requisitions over the next two weeks so you will be able to order goods by May 1.

How to Find Your Standing Order Number

Once your Requisition is approved by Purchasing Services, FSD, a Standing Order number will be issued. The new Standing Order number will be assigned between April 17th and April 30th. To find the Standing Order number that has been assigned for your Requisition:

  1. Log into PAWS and then UniFi Plus.
  2. In the Go To field in UniFi Plus, type in FOIDOCH <Tab>.
  3. In the Document Type field enter REQ and <Tab>.
  4. In the Document Code field enter the Requisition number that you have copied down when you created your Requisition (e.g. R0000500), and perform a Next Block function (Block> Next or Ctrl+Page Down).
  5. The Standing Order number will now appear in the Purchase Order field. To query another Requisition, hit the Rollback icon and repeat from Step 3.

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