University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

May 25, 2012

$tretch Your Dollars

In a complex workplace like our university, it can be surprising—and worthwhile—to consider the cost of things we don’t give much thought to or sometimes take for granted. Here are some costs to think about and possible opportunities for greater efficiency:

Save through university contracts

You may save money both for work-related and personal travel, by taking advantage of the university’s membership in the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO). All employees of the university are members of CAUBO, which offers special rates for hotel bookings and car rentals. Find more information and links to CAUBO rates on the Travel page, and other contracts on the Buying Goods & Services – Where to Buy page on this website.

Mobile devices and travel

The cost of using your cell or smart phone for calling and data usage (email, internet, sending photos, and services like iPhone messaging and Blackberry Messenger) while in the United States or traveling internationally can vary widely, but is typically much higher than in Canada. (Telephone use and texting do not incur data charges.) Charges can easily reach into the thousand-dollar range.

What can you do?

Your phone has many features and tools that are not covered by our corporate rates. It’s important to know where additional charges apply.

Some good news: you can text anywhere in North America without any additional charges.  

Find more information: on your service provider’s website.


It costs substantially more to print with colour than black ink. Though costs vary with different equipment, print quantities and modes of printing, choosing colour for in-office printing can cost more than five times that of black ink. Whenever possible, print in black and save colour for special, infrequent use. If you do need to use colour—perhaps for a more effective presentation—when printing to prepare or proof your document, do so with black ink.

Also, consider other options that don’t involve printing. Can you provide electronic copies, instead? For this to be effective, individuals receiving electronic copies should also avoid printing, especially multiple versions.