University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Jun 14, 2012

New Campus Laundry Contract

Nor-Tec Linen Services has been awarded the contract as the university's preferred supplier for laundry services. Current contract pricing is now available. Please note that you can use your PCard to pay for their services. To arrange laundry pick-up, contact Doug Courtney at 933-1956 or 241-6165 or email

If you are calling Nor-Tec Linen for the first time, you will need to set up an account by providing them with the following information:

Please note:

If possible, Nor-Tec prefers that there be one central pick-up and drop-off location per building. Nor-Tec will supply the laundry bags for your soiled linen and a rack, if required. Heavily soiled items should be placed in a separate bag with a note identifying that they are heavily soiled, and that bag can then be placed inside the regular laundry bag. For biohazard items, contact Doug (above) at Nor-Tec and he will explain how to handle these items.

Don’t forget to tag your laundry bag with your department information, or enclose a note in the bag!

For more information, contact:
Purchasing Services, Financial Services Division (FSD)| 966-6704