University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Jan 03, 2013

Change to PCard Statement Printing

A number of PCardholders have been encountering problems when printing PCard statements. This was a result of various factors such as the version and type of web browser being used with various types of computers.  


As a result, changes have been made to the printing function of PCard Statements.  When the Print Statement button is clicked, it will now print in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, rather than the previous html format.  To print your PCard statements your computer will be required to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.  If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, a link to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is provided on the PCard reconciliation page in Self Service Unifi.  The ability to print your statement in the previous html format is still available to you, but Payment Services recommends printing in the new PDF format. 

As well, based on feedback from PCardholders, a transaction number has been added beside each PCard transaction.  We hope this will assist you in your reconciliation process. 

If you have any questions or encounter any problems please email


For more information, contact:
Payment Services, or Jillian Pangborn 966-2648