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Apr 16, 2013

Preferred Travel Provider Selected

Efforts to develop a more automated process for the university’s travel and expense management needs have been underway for some time. As reported in On Campus News earlier this year, the University of Saskatchewan has selected UNIGLOBE as its preferred travel provider, following a request for proposal process last spring and board approval this past December. As well, we are in the early stages of implementing an online travel and expense tool with Concur Technologies Inc. aligned with UNIGLOBE’s travel management services.

With these arrangements, the university is on its way to a seamless online process for travel bookings and expense claims. The current manual, paper-heavy process was identified by the campus community as an opportunity for improvement during the Service and Process Enhancement Project (SPEP); the travel and expense management project is moving forward as part of the “Maximizing the Value of University Spend” area of Operating Budget Adjustments.

You can begin using UNIGLOBE for your travel arrangements now, while still following current travel procedures. By booking with UNIGLOBE, you will benefit from a preferred travel agency fee of $29 compared to an average $60-70 charge for booking through other travel providers. You can, of course, continue to make your bookings yourself with no travel agent fee, and once the online travel booking system is available, no fee will be charged when you book online. Our current travel guidelines and policies will continue to apply with the new online system, maintaining current travel options while making access to preferred suppliers and associated cost savings easier.

For UNIGLOBE’s assistance with travel reservations, call:
(306) 500-7525 (Saskatoon)
1-855-515-6746 (toll-free)

Pilot testing of the travel and expense online tool will begin this June. Starting next fall, we will gradually roll out the system—with training—to colleges, schools and administrative units across campus. Once available, you will access the system simply by logging in to PAWS. We hope to have the roll out completed by April 2014.

Immediate savings with the preferred travel agency fee that UNIGLOBE is offering, as well as savings realized when the online process is implemented (improved rates on airfare, hotels, reduced paper waste) will directly benefit associated department, unit and research budgets. As well, moving to a preferred travel agent and the online process will allow us to gather detailed information about where our dollars are currently being spent (e.g., which airlines, hotels, etc.). We’ll use this information to leverage our total spending and improve our negotiating power with suppliers.  

For more information, contact:
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