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Jan 09, 2015

Concur User Interface Upgrade

This memo is to inform Concur users of upcoming changes to the look and feel of Concur.

Concur is enhancing its current user interface (UI) which the U of S will be going live with on Jan 14, 2015.  Many of the enhancements use Concur’s Work to Zero methodology which will make for simpler navigation and make it easier to view tasks to be completed.

The key changes are on the My Concur Homepage upon login as well as the newly designed Concur Expense page.  The homepage is designed to streamline common tasks, and simplify visibility.  When you login, you will clearly view any reports or requests needing approval, as they are no longer hidden behind another tab within a channel.  The same visibility has been designed for performing your own tasks such as creating an expense report or travel request, and managing your expenses.

The process of creating a travel request or expense report remains the same, but the navigation on the main page to initiate these tasks has changed slightly with user simplicity in mind.

For a more comprehensive view of the new UI, please see this adobe acrobat document which outlines notable changes that accompany the new UI, or take a tour upon your first login for a quick overview.

For questions regarding this UI upgrade, please contact or 966-8783.

Thank you,

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