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Financial Services (FS)

Oct 14, 2015

Financial reporting tool to replace Publisher available October 19th

If you use Publisher then read on to find out more about the new tool that is replacing Publisher in the coming weeks.


The financial reports in Publisher will be available in a new PAWS channel. The tool replacing Publisher is called Reportal. This is a replacement for Publisher only. The other financial reporting tools are not affected by this change.


On October 19 you can start using Reportal for the public financial reports that you currently get from Publisher.


The new tool is a PAWS ‘Admin Services’ channel called ‘Crystal Reports’. If you don’t see it under ‘ADMIN SERVICES’, then click the ‘Browse channels’ button and you’ll see the service under ‘Administrative Tools’.


All aspects of the current version of Publisher are unsupported and out of date. It has to be replaced.

What to expect… Log into Reportal and you’ll find that most of the reports are in the same folders as they were in Publisher. Search with the report number or a key word in the ‘Report Search’ box. You may have to set values for parameters before you run your report. In most cases, once you close the browser window the report vanishes. Save your results to your own folders if you want to look at the same results later.

Learn more... The instructions and examples we post here in the coming days might be enough to get you up and running. Also available is an Introduction to Reportal adobe acrobat document.  But, if you’d like to attend a class-room style introduction, let us know at If there is enough interest, we’ll hold sessions starting later this month.

Key contacts:

For help getting into and running reports in Reportal contact
For more information about the reports or 306-966-1221.