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Agreement for Services Valued up to $5,000 Canadian Dollars Template

In an effort to streamline the process of engaging independent contractors in providing services valued up to $5000.00 CAD, while still maintaining the integrity of the signing authority policy and managing some of the risks associated with contracting out for services, a template has been developed and approved for use by colleges and departments.The template agreement (identified as template V.B. may be found at the bottom of this page.


The following is intended to provide information and guidance in preparing and executing the template agreement to colleges and departments engaging firms or individuals as independent contractors for services valued up to $5,000.00 CAD.  Colleges and departments may request advice and assistance in developing agreements for services and other procurement related issues, from Purchasing Services.

Prior to initiating an agreement for services, the Employment vs. Contracted Services Polciy and Guidelines must be reviewed to determine the appropriate relationship between the university and the entity providing the service.

Preparing the Template Agreement

The template may only be modified by inserting required information that is specific to each particular service engagement.  Spaces have been provided for this purpose.  If any other section of the template requires modification, this template agreement cannot be used and Purchasing Services must be consulted. Purchasing Services will, as necessary, consult the university department responsible for oversight of the regulatory, legal or other risk associated with the section to be amended, document required approvals and assist in preparation of the modified contract, including providing authorized contract signatures.

Information being inserted in the spaces provided should be as complete as possible. Purchasing Services may be contacted for assistance in completing the template. Each page of the template that has space provided for initialing must be initialed by the Service Provider's representative and a representative of the college or department, to indicate understanding and agreement of the contents of the page.

Where no changes have been made to the template agreement, except by the addition of information in the spaces provided, deans and heads of administrative units/entities/institutions or their respective designates (appointed in writing) may sign on behalf of the chair and the secretary.  A sample of the Signing Delegation Memorandum - Template V.B.2.11.09 is available should deans or heads of administrative units/entities/institutions desire to appoint designates to sign agreement template V.B.   The same dean/head or designate may not sign on behalf of both the chair and the secretary on any single agreement.  Two separate signatures are required.

A copy of the Agreement signed and initialed by the authorized representative of the Service Provider and the college or department must be kept on file by the college or department.

Contacts for further information:

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