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Completing the Travel Expense/Travel Detail Claim Forms

(We recommend completing these forms on-line to take advantage of drop-down selections, calculations, totaling, defaults and field formats.)

This document provides assistance in completing the Travel Expense Claim form and information about some of the travel expense guidelines. Please see the Travel Expense Guidelines for a more complete explanation of eligible travel expenses.

Only one Out-of-Province or Tri-Agency funded trip per claim is to be submitted regardless of the number of accounts used to fund the trip. Travel claims must be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 2 months, after returning from a trip.  If you are submitting a claim after the 2 months, please provide a written explanation for the late submission.

If there are not enough lines on the Travel Expense Claim form to record the expenses incurred during your trip, please use the Travel Expense Detail form.  The explanations provided below for the various fields on the Travel Expense Claim form also apply to the same fields on the Travel Expense Detail form. The Travel Expense Detail Total can be transferred to the Travel Expense Claim form.  Please attach your receipts in the same order as they are listed on the form(s) used.

Incomplete forms will be returned to the claimant for completion.  This includes attaching all supporting documentation required to complete the travel claim package (e.g. original receipts, event schedule/conference outline (see Appendix C of the Travel Expense Guidelines for examples), Authority To Travel form for Out-of-Province travel and In-Province Tri-Agency funded travel, etc.)

If you have any questions regarding the completion of your travel claim, please contact ConnectionPoint at (306) 966-2000 or email

An example of a completed Travel Expense Claim form, a Travel Expense Detail form and a Vehicle Kilometer Log can be found at the end of this document.

Field Description
Name Enter the legal name of the person claiming reimbursement for the travel expenses. This is the name that the employee has been set up with in the U-Who and the Human Resource/Payroll About-US systems. This will be the same as the name on the Authority To Travel form.
NSID The NSID is the traveler's Network Services ID.  This is the User Name people use when they sign in to PAWS.  The format is "abc123".
UniFi  Vendor Number
(Not a required field)
The UniFi Vendor number is the same number as the Banner ID (BID) number (8 digits) assigned to all employees and students. The Vendor Number is used to process reimbursements to employees and students.

If you do not know the vendor number (BID), it can be obtained from the detailed remittance portion of a UniFi cheque received in the past, or by accessing the  form "FTIIDEN" in UniFi and doing a search using the "All" option.  Call UniFi Support @ 8783 if you require assistance.

Research Affiliation For Tri-Agency Travel, when the traveler is someone other than the Grantee, the affiliation of the individual with the Grantee's research group must be specified.

Select the research affiliation from the drop-down list.  If the research affiliation is not listed, select Other, complete the remainder of the form on-line, and then record the research affiliation on the form after you print it.

Department / College Home department or college of the claimant.
Room / Building Room number and building name for the claimant.
Mailing Address
(Street, City, Prov/St, Postal/Zip)
Employees, please enter your campus mailing address.

For non-employees, either an on-campus or off-campus address is acceptable.

Destination Record the destination, e.g. city, province/state, country, for this trip.

Note: The purpose and description of the trip are recorded on the Authority To Travel form that must be attached to the Travel Expense Claim form.

Departure Date The date the employee departs for the business trip.
Return Date The date the employee returns from the business trip.
Trip Purpose Describe the purpose of, or reason for the trip.

Note: This space is provided for In-Province, non-Tri-Agency funded, travel ONLY. For Out-of-Province and Tri-Agency funded travel you must complete and attach an Authority to Travel form to the Travel Expense Claim form.

Detail of Expenses This form has been designed to enable claimants to record expenses by date and category.

Note: Claimants may chose to print a blank copy of the Travel Expense Claim form and take it with them to facilitate maintaining a record of their travel expenses. Since there is limited space [only enough lines to record about a week's worth of expenses] on the Travel Expense Claim, we recommend printing out the Travel Expense Detail form, if you feel you will need more lines to record expenses.  The Travel Expense Detail Total can be transferred to the Travel Expense Claim form.

Original receipts are required for reimbursement (copies will not be accepted).  See the Travel Expense Guidelines for details about eligible travel expenses.

Date Record the date the expense was paid for, e.g. record the total for the hotel bill when it is paid; this is usually on the check-out date.
Description Enter a description to provide additional explanation about the expense, if necessary.
Transportation Attach airline tickets, prepaid tickets or electronic tickets (e-tickets). For E-tickets also include the itinerary, which provides additional verification of travel dates, ticket costs, payment information, etc.

Expenses for vehicle rental including fuel costs, taxis, buses, etc. should also be recorded under this heading.

Accommodation Ensure the bill or invoice lists all charges and indicates the total has been paid. Often the express checkout does not indicate payment.

Note: You do not need to record daily charges posted on the hotel bill.

Note: Personal items, such as movie rentals and mini bar charges, are not reimbursable.

Expenses related to private accommodation should also be recorded under this heading.

Meals The current per diem rates are as follows:

Effective August 9, 2018 (No change to rates from 2017)

CAN Dollars
CAN Dollars
In United States
US Dollars
Breakfast $ 8.00 $11.00 $11.00
Lunch 14.00 16.00 16.00
Dinner 19.00 24.00 24.00
$41.00 $51.00 $51.00

For per diems for international travel please refer to: (Appendix D - Allowances - Module 4). Additional instructions for selecting international per diem rates can be found in the Travel Expense Guidelines.

Where meals are provided as part of airline tickets or conference registration fees, the per diem allowance for the provided meals cannot be claimed.

Miscellaneous Include eligible expenses such as airport fees, dependant care, entertainment, laundry, parking, registration fees, telephone, etc. under this heading. Ensure that detailed receipts itemizing the expenses are attached to the claim.

For hospitality expenses, include the following information:

  • the name(s) of the visitor(s) and/or the name(s) of the company or agency the visitor(s) represent(s),

  • the purpose of the function,

  • the name(s) of the university employees and/or the name of the university committee or department,


  • the number of people in attendance at  the function.

on a separate document to be attached to the claim.

Ensure detailed receipts are included; credit/debit card receipts are not sufficient as they do not normally itemize the purchase or the applicable taxes.

Exchange Rate If the expenses were paid in a foreign currency, refer to converter/classic for current exchange rates. If the rate varies from what is being claimed, provide support for the exchange rate used (e.g. the rate charged on a credit card statement, or provided by a bank for travelers cheques, etc.). 

To record expenditures that were made in a foreign currency enter the information in the applicable category and modify the exchange rate on the same row. The form will automatically calculate the Canadian equivalent and enter the amount in the "TOTAL (CAN$)" column. 

Note: The 1.0000 on the form is the default for Canadian expenses.  It can be changed, as required, for other currencies. 

Note: If, on the same date, some expenses were paid in CAN$ and some in a foreign currency, the expenses will have to be entered on different rows of the form.

Personal Days If an employee is traveling sooner, or staying longer, than required for the business trip itself, record the number of personal days being taken between the departure date and the return date. Do not include any personal expenses, particularly those that might be associated with the personal days, in your claim.
Personal Vehicle Enter the number of kilometers traveled.  The amount you will be reimbursed will automatically be calculated.

Effective August 9, 2018:

  • For vehicle travel the rate is $0.4483/km

Note: The rate effective July 1, 2017 was $0.4283/km.

Within Concur, complete and attach your Vehicle Kilometer Log as a receipt if more than one trip or more than one location is being claimed. Enter the Total Kilometers from the Vehicle Kilometer Log as a single mileage expense, if applicable.

Foreign Currency requested Travel claims for faculty and staff are reimbursed in Canadian dollars.

Claims submitted by non-Canadians will be reimbursed in their home currency, if requested.  Simply indicate the "Foreign Currency requested" for the reimbursement.

Note: Do not convert the Net Claim to the foreign currency; this will be done when the claim is processed.

EXPENSE DETAIL TOTAL Enter the Expense Detail Total from the Travel Expense Detail form, if applicable.
Less Advance If you have received a travel advance, record the amount here. Travel advances are only issued in exceptional situations.

If your travel expenses are less than your advance, attach a personal cheque, payable to the "University of Saskatchewan", refunding the difference. 

Note: Payment Services will enter the CFOAPAL coding for the advance.


To allocate travel costs, the appropriate CFOAPAL - UniFi Fund, Org, Account Code, etc., needs to be entered beside the amount to be charged to each fund. The coding of the ‘activity (Acty)' and ‘location (Lctn)' elements are optional; the other fields are required.  All travel is coded to the account code 71001 - Travel.

As Registration Fees are commonly associated with travel, the drop down list also includes 70614 - Registration Fees (Conference & Workshop).

The last two account code fields in the table are not drop down to allow for other account codes to be entered.

AMOUNT Enter the amount you wish to have charged to each CFOAPAL(s) recorded on the form.
Claimant's Signature The claimant must sign the claim.  The claimant's signature certifies that all expenses incurred are related to University Business, that none have been claimed from other organizations, that they comply with University or funding agency travel expense guidelines, and that the claimant personally paid for them.

Note: Many claims are returned because they lack a signature.

Date Date the form was signed by the claimant.
Prepared By/For Information Contact Name (please print) of the person who prepared the form or who should be contacted for clarification or additional information.
Department/College Home department or college of the contact person.
Phone Phone number of the contact person.
Approval Signature The claim must be approved by the person having signing authority for the UniFi Fund(s) to which the travel costs are being charged. If the signing authority is the person being reimbursed, their supervisor or designate, must approve the claim.

Note: For clarification:
"appropriateness" is defined as ‘suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion, etc.'
"reasonableness" is defined as ‘not exceeding the limit prescribed by reason; not excessive'
(Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Law)

Name Name of the individual approving the claim.
Title Title of the individual approving the claim.
Date Date the form was approved.
Distribution Staple all supporting documentation to the Travel Expense Claim form to reduce the chance of information being lost.  Also attach the Travel Expense Detail form and receipts, if applicable.

Forward the completed, approved Travel Expense Claim form, including all required attachments (e.g. original receipts, event schedule/conference outline (see Appendix C of the Travel Expense Guidelines for examples) & Authority to Travel form for Out-of-Province travel and In-Province Tri-Agency funded travel, Vehicle Kilometer Log form, if applicable, etc.) to Payment Services - E80 Administration Building.

Please allow 10 working days, from receipt of the travel claim package in Payment Services, for processing.


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