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Guidelines and Procedures

Completing the Concur Guest/Student Profile Request Form

(We recommend completing this form electronically by saving it to your computer and opening it with Adobe Acrobat in order to take advantage of drop-down selections, defaults and field formats.)

The form can be downloaded here.  Once completed, this form can be emailed to

For any questions, please contact ConnectionPoint at (306) 966-2000 or email

Note: graduate students are typically month-end paid employees may already have a profile and access to Concur. Please confirm an active profile does not already exist prior to completing this form.

A Concur Guest/Student Profile Request Form should be completed when:

  1. A person at the U of S will be booking flights for a visiting guests/student i.e. Guest lecturers/speakers, interview candidates, undergrad student travel, etc.
  2. The U of S will be reimbursing guests or students for travel related expenditures. Note that Concur will only reimburse in Canadian dollars. It is the university’s recommendation to reimburse all guests in Canadian dollars whenever possible. If there is a need to reimburse a guest in a currency other than Canadian dollars, please contact Payment Services.

How the process works:

Once the form is submitted, Payment Services will create a profile within Concur for the guest or student. The delegate or travel assistant indicated on the form will be the only user with access to this profile. This delegate will be responsible for completing all necessary activities related to the travel. This would include completing the travel request, book flights through Concur, and completing any necessary expense reimbursement reports for the guest or student. The submissions will need to flow through the same approval process as all other claims for active users.
*Note: the delegate must be an active user in Concur.

Field descriptions:


Ensure the guest/student name matches the legal name printed on their passport, driver’s license, etc. The name indicated on this form will be the name printed on the airline tickets, which must match the traveler’s identification when boarding the flight. Please ensure the traveler is aware of what proper identification will be necessary to board their flight.

Unifi Vendor number and/or NSID:

Please enter this university identifier if known. All students will have an NSID and BID (Banner ID), whereas some guests may have these university identifiers if they have been paid/reimbursed by the U of S in the past. These can be found by searching FTIIDEN in UniFi.

Guest, student, or other:

This dropdown will identify which group to place the user in. This will also allow the U of S to report on the frequency of guest and student travel.


Providing this information identifies and distinguishes the person on the form, from other users who may already have an NSID or Unifi vendor number. This will be the address we forward the reimbursement cheque to if the vendor is not set up with EFT (electronic funds transfer). See below for how to get this vendor set up on EFT.

Gender and Date of Birth:

This information is required in Concur when booking air travel for the guest or student through either the Online Booking Tool (OBT), or through Vision Travel's full service customer service agents.


This will be the default CFOAPAL that will populate in the travel request and expense reports for this user. This should also the CFOAPAL where the flight costs will be expensed. If the travel expenses will be allocated to more than one CFOAPAL, this needs to be done manually within Concur when completing the travel request or expense reports. This is done by clicking the allocations butting when completing the travel request or expense report.

Name of Travel Assistant:

This should be the indivdiual who will be completing the travel request and expense reports for the guest/student. The guest/student will not be given access to Concur. The travel assistant will click “you are adminstering for” at the top of the Concur page to find the user’s profile and start working on behalf of the guest/student. If more than one assistant is required, indicate this on the form.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):

If this guest reimbursement will be paid to a Canadian bank account in Canadian dollars, we are able to offer reimbursement electronically. Please have the individual complete an EFT form to help expedite the reimbursement process. The EFT form can be found of the FSD website at the link,