University of Saskatchewan

Financial Services (FS)

Guidelines & Procedures

Daily Cash Report Information

Form Description

Form Field Description
Cash Report # Number assigned by the Department for the Cash Report
Receipt # Receipt number related to the deposit assigned by the system
Department Department that is submitting the deposit
Phone University extension number where the person who completed the form can be contacted
Date Date form is completed
Comments May be used to itemize each day's totals if the Cash Report covers more than one day.  Any pertinent comments
Cash Listing List of Cash, Coin, Cheques, Debit or Credit card payments
Prepared by: Printed name of  person preparing the report
Approved by: Signature of person approving the report
Received by: Initialed by Cashier, Treasury Office
CFOAPAL Information: Itemize UNIFI accounting number and amounts.  The TOTAL DEPOSIT and TOTAL CREDIT amounts must be the same
Form Distribution
Original Accompanies monies being deposited
Copy Department should keep a photocopy for their records